Benjamins Brothers

News flash: we've reached our target!


Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for your incredible support. I am thrilled to be able to tell you that we have reached our target and it's all because of you!

We've got a news story up on our website at the moment if you want to have a look: 

Just because we've reached our target doesn't mean that people can't still contribute - all the money raised will be directed towards this vital work of promoting awareness of prostate cancer in the black and African Caribbean community through Benjamin's Brothers.

I am now in the process of commissioning that bottom that we've all been thinking about.

Thanks again.


Wow, we're 97% of the way there!


Hello there,


I have some breaking news to share with you about Benjamin’s Brothers. I am delighted to report that between us, we have now raised £2,906 towards the £3,000 target we set back in January. This means we are 97% of the way there with £94 and 17 days to go.


Thank you – this is incredible!


Now we need to make up that last £94. Remember – if we don’t hit the target, the money stays in the pockets of the pledgers and we don’t receive any of it! And now, if you pledge £8, you can receive a fabulous Benjamin’s Brothers beanie hats as a reward.


Every day 110 men in the UK are diagnosed with prostate cancer. We know that many of the men in Birmingham are at an increased risk of developing it, and we believe that Benjamin’s Brothers can start the change that will allow them to find out sooner, and receive the treatment that will allow them to lead a full and healthy life.


If you want to help us to reach that £3,000 target, simply follow this link and click ‘pledge’:


Thanks again,