Benifits Action Group

by benifits action in Derby, England, United Kingdom

Benifits Action Group
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To support people strugling with benifit entitledment in the uk

by benifits action in Derby, England, United Kingdom

So we are a group of 3 ex Dwp employee's that have left due to the working practices of the dwp 

It is well known that thousands of people are strugling to claim benifits in the UK

It is a little known fact that the dwp use triger words in claim assesment 

We intend to set up a business with our knowledge of the dwp system to assist people in getting the benifits there entitled too first time everytime 

The money from this will be used to set up a website and supply phonelines and all associated cost of setting up the buissness

We hope we can count on your support

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