Benefit Reform

Benefit Reform

The aim of this noble project is to reform the benefits system to give a better standard of care a liveable standard of care.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The aim for this charity is to reform the benefits system by:-

  • ensuring people in our armed forces and police live the quality of life they deserve the life they fought for the life they died for and not live homeless and starving denied even the most basic necessities
  • allowing GPs to be able to give full work capability assessments negating the need for private health care organisations such as ATOS health care from having to be employed to assess people with medical problems negating their ability to be in normal full time employment resulting in a mass saving from the DWP budget that could be used for the NHS
  • ensuring people are given the correct benefit
  • ensuring people are given enough money to live (not merely survive)
  • ensuring people are not subjected to discrimination
  • ensuring people have a safe and affordable place to live by restoring rent controls
  • ensuring that every penny of your money is accounted for and used in the proper way
  • ensuring that those in charge of job centre plus projects are accountable and culpable for failed projects causing the wastage of your taxes 

In doing this We Make Britain Great Again