Fund a young jeweller who wants to help others.

by Tianne in Burnham, England, United Kingdom

Fund a young jeweller who wants to help others.
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Welcome everyone! My project aim is to start a small bench Jeweller business and I would like to help young people gain skills for work :)

by Tianne in Burnham, England, United Kingdom

Welcome all! Thanks for visiting my project

First off I will tell you a little about myself. I am a 23 years young female from London all my life I have been wanting to be a jeweller just like my father. I have been a hard worker all my life I don't believe in begging but everyone needs a little bit of help from time to Time right? That's why I'm on here to be honest it's a last option, I have saved as much as I can possibly but it's still not enough. 

I am qualified in level 2 and 3 diploma jewellery manufacturing and repairs after I finished my level 3 I had a bad motorcycle accident Which in turn caused me to lose the delicate touch and steady hand for intricate jewellery making. So long story short I had to take a break for quite some time to recover which in turn I lost my jeweller job but during this period  I have noticed how hard it is to find a job doing handmade bench Jewellery repairs etc for somebody of my age, and also there is not much to help young people from 18-25 get there hands on workshop experience in actual working environment once they gained there qualifications.

So in short I would like to start a small handmade jewellery business to help other upcoming jewellery designers like myself once I have started the business and its up and running properly. 

As of now I am not currently trading as a company I am just working on refreshing my skills and sketching designs for customers which I have already. 

The business will offer services such as bespoke rings made to order, bracelets, necklaces pendants, handmade cufflinks, belt buckles, watch repairs, stone setting and hand engraving, anything in precious metal you name it and I will make it! After the business is running smoothly I would like to help young people try to find there way in the jewellery business also help them brainstorm there ideas and offer youth workshops. 

The money I hope to crowd fund will go to help buying the jewellery workshop equipment to start up not the fancy stuff just basic to get up and running and for me to rent a suitable working area as I live in flats gas is not allowed, as I used to use the workshop at my workplace I previously was employed by before the motorcycle accident. 

Many thanks for reading any donations will be appreciated :-) 

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