Ben Adele and Poppy Barnet Green Party

by ben.samuel in London Borough of Barnet

We did it
On 4th April 2015 we successfully raised £1,505 with 14 supporters in 28 days

Include Greens in the election so social and environmental justice are in the debate and voters can vote for the common good

by ben.samuel in London Borough of Barnet

Project aim

Include Greens in the election so social and environmental justice are in the debate – and London Borough of Barnet voters can vote for the common good.

About the project 

No achievement has been made without sacrifice. We are giving you the opportunity to make a very small sacrifice, the price of a bottle of wine or cake and tea in a cafe, to pay the deposit for our three candidates, have them on the ballotpaper and enable our volunteers to spread the Green word in this vital election. Barnet Green Party policies would save struggling people serious amounts of money.

It costs a lot to run a campaign, and 2015 is the biggest ever. The more this video is shared, the more people see it, and the more people give, the more likely we are to be able to afford a decent campaign.

The good news is that Crowdfunder campaigns have already been getting a fantastic response. Across England and Wales £220,000 has been raised enabling Greens to stand candidates in more than 90% of seats as well as targeting resources to get the message out. Thousands of people have given as much as they could afford, and our Crowdfunding deposits have not only broken records but made headlines locally and nationally.

If just 300 Barnet residents gave an average of £5 each, we would raise the deposits for all our three candidates: Ben Samuel, Adele Ward, and A M Poppy.

Money pledged in this way will only be deducted from your account if we get to the £1500 target before the deadline. We are hopeful about that - your money will go a long way.

Energy & Time

We would of course value your time and energy as well -

Can you share this with your local contacts - people and organisations and work-places please? Crowdfunding uses the power of the crowd so please be brave and give our fundraising a shout-out at any Barnet-based activity.

The more residents give, the more likely it is that local people will get a Green voice in 2015.

  donate now green   Big thank you!     Important notice: Only those registered to vote in the UK can legally give us any money.  We may return donations that do not come from sources that share our core principles.  We also have to declare any donation over £500 to the electoral commission.

Please make out all cheques to: Barnet Green Party

Promoted by Laura Davenport on behalf Ben Samuel, Adele Ward, and A.M. Poppy, of the Green Party of Barnet Green Party and London Green Party, both at 56-64 Leonard Street, London. EC2A 4LT


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

£5 Reward

Our gratitude as this is 1% of your candidate's deposit

£15 or more

£15 Reward

enough to stand a full slate of candidates across Barnet if 100 others chip in.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Silver - Will receive a personal thank you on our website (if you wish).

£60 or more

£60 Reward

Gold – Will receive a Green public thank you and share a pot of tea with the candidate of your choice

£25 or more

1 of 1 claimed

£25 Reward

The first local hero to give this amount will receive a limited-edition cyclists' polo shirt designed by Ben Samuel. The back says "stay back" and the front says "stop" and then in small, "social cleansing".

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