Below The Trees

After a successful Trial Shoot costing just £50, "Below The Trees" is now ready to be made into a full feature film, but we need your help!

We did it!

On 6th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £935 of £800 target with 21 supporters in 35 days

New stretch target

This extra money will contribute to us promoting the film after it has been made and will enable us to create a truly individual piece of work. There are many projects locked away in a cupboard on the page of a notebook, waiting to be made into a Short Film, Web Series or Full Feature and so your generous donations will not only enable us to produce the version of BTT that I had first imagined, it will also enable us to do the same with future projects.

Project aim

After a successful Trial Shoot costing just £50, we now want to make "Below The Trees" into a full feature film, but we need your help!

The Story

This is NOT a film about hitmen, this is NOT a mobster movie and this is certainly NOT a buddy movie or a road trip story... no matter how much Mark and Danny may want it to be.

Mark leads an unremarkable existence, he has dormant aspirations and is gagging for an excuse to educate people on the meaning of life. So when he receives an out of the blue phone call from an old friend (of sorts), he jumps at the chance to help him out and take charge of an all or nothing mission. So, with a well thought out plan, Mark and his old friend (of sorts) Danny, set out on their revenge mission which leads to quite a few deaths, lies, distractions, exaggerations, truths, women in lingerie, men in lingerie, a conversation about lettuce, a lot of trees, memories of love, righteous teachings, a check list full of unsuspecting victims and too many cockups to mention.

When Mark stumbles upon an old flame, the original masterpiece of a plan gets put to one side and his personal feelings put the likelihood of achieving their mission in real jeopardy. Will all of these plot deviations simply make achieving their plan all the more spectacular, or will they hinder the perfect story Mark had in mind? By the end of the film, Mark and Danny will wish that they had set themselves a more conventional plot.


About the project

With 2 days worth of rehearsals and a shoot consisting of just 3 (or two and a half if you subtract the waiting around we did, for a small storm to pass) we managed to produce a condensed version of a story that we were all really excited by. The characters were complex, the story was fun and provided plenty of humour (despite its dark undertones). With some lovely pieces of acting and a stunning setting, the whole thing just felt like it needed to be taken further. The Trial Shoot allowed us to explore two very interesting characters, who in the Full Feature, won't spend longer than about 10mins in each others company. This extended snapshot provides its audience with a good idea of what to expect from the Full Feature, an intense thrill ride, with plenty of laughs.

Things to do

  • Cast new roles
  • Buy costumes
  • Book space for read throughs and rehearsals
  • Purchase professional sound equipment *
  • Get someone on board who knows what they're doing with the sound equipment
  • Invest in more professional lighting equipment
  • Bring in a team to help promote the film

* With stunning shots, sound equipment is key to creating an all round professional feel to our Feature Film.



As well as some pretty unique rewards, including limited edition concept art and art prints (created by myself and an independent artist), everyone who donates to this project will receive a link to watch the full 25min Trial Shoot of "Below The Trees" (after it's official screening) or a ticket to a private screening. There is also an opportunity for people who pledge, to work with us as Producers, Executive Producers or even have a character written for them.

The Campaign

Whatever we make, we keep! Whatever you can spare will be appreciated! No matter what we raise, we're just grateful that you have taken the time to support our project. That said, the more we raise the better the film will be, so please help spread the word and convince those you know to donate generously.

I have many other exciting projects waiting to be made into Short Films, Web Series or Feature Films, and so a successful campaign for "Below The Trees" may well enable us to make our other projects equally as successful.

What We Need

£200 - £400: This will allow us to buy the sound equipment we so desperately need. Though this wouldn't be quite enough for us to make a full feature, we would be able to make a top quality Short Film (sticking close to the Trial Short), enabling us to enter the short film into festivals.

£500 - £700: Not only will we be able to buy top quality sound equipment, we will also be able to purchase the remaining costumes needed for the new characters, add to our lighting equipment, be more adventurous with locations and buy promotional material for getting the new Feature Film seen by a larger audience of industry folk.

£800 +:

All of the above will be achievable, plus we will be able to host a private screening for invited guests such as Producers and other industry folk. With over £800, we will be able to produce the film without too many restrictions and will be able to make the film I initially set out to make.


Concept Pictures and Behind The Scenes Photo's from the Trial Shoot:



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