Luxury, comfort and rest for breastfeeding and pregnant mothers.

We did it!

On 31st Mar 2018 we successfully raised £10,258 of £10,000 target with 110 supporters in 17 days


Why are we crowdfunding?


We want to create this wonderful luxurious breastfeeding product to help parents throughout the world to nurture and rest.   

After over 2 years of design, development and testing, we have reached the point where we are ready for production. We now need to raise finance to pay for our first round of BellaMoon manufacturing costs. This is where you come in! Please help us reach our goal by pledging your support for BellaMoon!


The BellaMoon Story


The story of BellaMoon began when my beautiful daughter Bella was born just over 2 years ago.  She was a breastfed baby, which was a wonderful loving experience. However, typical of many breastfed babies, she fed on demand every 2 hours. I was exhausted!

In order to manage my exhaustion, yet to continue to nurture my baby, I researched how other mothers coped. I discovered the wonderful universal lateral breastfeeding position which is practised by millions of mothers around the world to ‘Nurture and Rest’.

Despite the enormous benefits of this lateral breastfeeding position, it can lead to discomfort for mother when lying in one position feeding for prolonged periods of time. 

So, in order to address this, I created BellaMoon - a luxuriously comfortable multi-functional breast-feeding bed, designed around this wonderful feeding position.  


What is BellaMoon?


BellaMoon is a multi-functional 6-in-1 product, used for pregnancy, breastfeeding and infant support.


What are the Benefits of BellaMoon?


There are lots of benefits of BellaMoon;

  • Intense luxury and comfort during breast-feeding.
  • Extended use from second trimester pregnancy through to 12-month old baby.
  • Promotes a strong loving bond.
  • Designed to support all breastfeeding positions.
  • Enhances babies physiological, mental and emotional development through prolonged breastfeeding.
  • Provides proximity and ease of access to Mother for breastfeeding.
  • 6 different product uses which support parents through pregnancy, breastfeeding and help babies development.
  • Easy to set-up and simple to use. 


What are the features of BellaMoon?


BellaMoon's Unique Design is Patent Pending, protected by European Design Registration and International Trademarks


Feedback from Parents and Testers


We have had lots of wonderful feedback from parent and baby testers. They ranged from a midwife, to a GP, a pharmacist, a social worker, a student teacher and stay-at-home Mum and many more.

Here is a video review by Laura, who is Mum to baby Zachary.  This testimonial represents her own personal opinion of BellaMoon. 

Similarly, Catherine and Ruby provided a personal Mother's Review of BellaMoon;

There are several more product reviews available on the BellaMoon You Tube page. For information visit our website 

BellaMoon has also been independently tested by experts at an infant sleep lab in a prestigious UK University.  The results of this testing were used to further improve and refine the design and to inform the user guidance and instructions which you will find below.


How does it work?


There are 6 different functions to BellaMoon as outlined below;

1.     The Breastfeeding Day-Bed;

The Breastfeeding Day-Bed is for use on top of the adult bed. It is for supervised day-time breastfeeding whilst providing Mum with luxurious rest, intense comfort and support to all mothers pain points. It helps allow Mother and baby to bond together in their own little cocoon of love.

Mum lies on one side on the elongated pillow and baby lies next to her in a moon-shaped enclosure.  It is open to the inside for breastfeeding. There is a soft but structural removable wedge located between Mother and baby to create awareness of babys position. The baby side ‘the babymoon’ is sloped away from babies face for breathability and to prevent over-heating around babies head, with the outer edge raised to help create awareness for Dad, or prevent baby rolling out of the bed.  BellaMoon can be rotated, used in the opposite position, and has detachable head and feet pillows for Mothers comfort and flexibility.

2.     A pregnancy pillow before baby arrives;

BellaMoon can be used as a full-body pregnancy pillow before baby arrives.

To use the pregnancy pillow simply zip the Mother's head, foot and central pillows together.  The head and feet ends can be unzipped and re-configured during sleep to support other areas if required.

3.     A nursing privacy cover;

BellaMoon can be transformed into a breastfeeding privacy cover for when Mothers and babies are out and about. To use the breastfeeding cover, simply unzip the mothers base sheet from the mother’s pillow and place the strap over your head. The privacy cover can be used for supervised breastfeeding of babies of any age.

4.     An Infant Feeding Pillow;

In the early days of your breastfeeding journey, BellaMoon can be configured into an infant feeding pillow in order to provide support for Mothers arms whilst in the sitting position. To use the infant feeding pillow, simply, zip the Mothers head and foot pillows together.  The infant feeding cover can be used for supervised breastfeeding of babies of any age.

5.     A Tummy-Time Pillow;

As baby starts to develop, BellaMoon can be configured into a tummy time support for supervised tummy-time for short-periods of time.

6.     A Baby Lounger;

For growing babies, BellaMoon can be configured into a supervised baby lounger to help support them when learning to sit-up. 


Safety, Testing, Compliance and User Video


We take the health and safety of mother and baby very seriously, and prior to product launch BellaMoon® has been independently user tested at a specialist infant sleep lab in a UK University led by  international experts.

We have also taken into account guidance issued by the Lullaby Trust, a UK based charitable organisation, which aims to raise awareness of sudden infant death syndrome(SIDS) and provide expert advice on safer sleep for babies.

BellaMoon® has been designed and re-designed to take into account guidance given by the Lullaby Trust, and we have set out some important guidance on our website that should be borne in mind when using BellaMoon®.

BellaMoon is also designed to comply with the following tests and British Standards;

  • Oeko-Tex certification, Standard 100, Class 1

  • All components Intertek tested for and proven free from harmful substances

  • Air permeability according to BS4578

  • Resistant to ignition according to BS5852

The following draft video provides information on how to use BellaMoon.




As well as being the first in the world to purchase BellaMoon, we have some fantastic rewards up for grabs which help promote breastfeeding and a Mother's rest. Some are exclusive to our crowdfunding campaign, so be sure to act soon as they will go quick!


Postage and Packaging:


BellaMoon is packaged in a robust white fabric bag ( as shown above). This bag is inserted into a cardboard box for delivery.  The packaging is 100% protective guaranteed. The outer cardboard dimensions are approx. 780x580x270cm.

Rewards currently have FREE SHIPPING to UK and Ireland ONLY.  Outside the UK and Ireland, there is an additional cost for shipping, therefore you should consider this if making a pledge. For some destinations, shipping may be prohibitively expensive at present.

To help you decide, the estimated delivery costs for the purchase of a BellaMoon are listed below;

Delivery of all BellaMoon products will be September 2018.  Delivery of other rewards will be from May 2018.


Thank you for supporting BellaMoon!  

We have worked so hard to get it to this point. Our vision is to allow parents throughout the world to nurture and rest.  Please help us achieve this dream!

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