Bella's continued diagnosis

by Martin Underwood in Redruth, England, United Kingdom

Bella's continued diagnosis
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The pet insurance company has let us down, we need to refer her to a specialist for CT scan and further diagnostics.

by Martin Underwood in Redruth, England, United Kingdom

Our dog Bella, is everyone's friend. She is 4 years old and loves nothing more than a fuss.

A few weeks ago, she went fussy with her food. As she is cross with Poodle, us and vets thought this was just her being picky, after all she looked to be in great condition with a nice shiny coat and was lively and attentive. We tried everything we could to get her to eat, sometimes she did and sometimes she didn't. 

Then one evening, when came home, instead of the enthusiastic greeting I would normally receive, she just stayed curled up, looking at me - looking utterly miserable, so i took her to the emergency vets. Although she had lost weight, she was still fairly bright and was brighter still after receiving some fluids. A blood test just showed a slight increase of white blood cells. 

We took her to our normal vets the following day who again, advised she looked fine and may simply be depressed, although they would have her in the following day for some further testing.


We received a call from the vets, who were surprised to find she had an enlarged spleen and also discovered a 'shadow' on her lungs through x-ray

We booked her in for immediate surgery, our entire family is devastated and my young girls can hardly stop crying.

The spleen was removed on 13/12/2018 and sent away for analysis - it has been confirmed it is cancer, to be precise a Necrotic splenic stromal sarcoma. note from the vet test report "this dogs lesion appears most typical of what has been traditionally called a grade 3 fibrohistiocytic nodule, which is considered to be a malignant lesion."

Speaking with our insurance company, we believed our cover would provide up to £2000 for treatment but unfortunately, they have said it is £2000 but split in to a maximum of £500 per condition per year - meaning she can have 4 different conditions per year (useless!)

Not including the paltry £500 that I am covered for, I have already spent out over £1000 and my funds are starting to run out - I have a family and another dog to look after.

We need to have her seen by a specialist and have a CT scan done to see if her cancer has spread and what these 'shadows' on her lungs are so we can plan further treatments - if it has spread, it will likely go to her lungs, liver, lymph nodes and other visceral sites.

We cannot bear the thought of her suffering and need to know if this has spread so we can plan the next stages of her treatment properly. Please help us.

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