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by Tracie Vivian in London, England, United Kingdom


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To expand the business and create flexible jobs for students and parents.

by Tracie Vivian in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target


Storage price in our pie char has been given as a promotional price. So we need to able to cover stotrage for another 6 months as we generate income to cover costs.

Import duty and logistics.

Some of prices are locked in for one month so there might a slight variation on shipping costs on backdrops and table.

 5-10 year Plan

  • To provide easy set up props that dont need alot of hours to set up.
  • To expand and create employment for people that need flexible work. Some students and parents benefit from flexible work.
  • We dont discriminate so everyone can work with us to help build a susitainable lifestyle.

When we expand, we will charge commission fee on all jobs undertaken by staff as percentage for using our products to earn a living.

We need staff to deliver and setup these props, in situations where we have booked  more events in different locations.

Weddings and engagements are covered in our portfolio but these are seasonal so we hope to expand into corporate events and provide for theme parties, shop openings, branch expansions amd coporate anniversaries.

If we stretch our budget, it is mainly to cover the storage charges as currently these items will be stored at home with us to start off with.

We also would purchase the Led Love letters which are used for weddings, anniversaries and engagements.

Who are we?

The company Bella Noemi Events was founded by me and my husband Stephen in October 2019.

I studied  BA Accounting and Economics at Middlesex univerisity. I am in final stages,studying towards an ACCA qualification (Assoication of Chartered Certified Accountants).

Stephen studied a BA Business Administration and is now pursing a new career in Nursing.

We are a small team at the moment however we are looking to recruit more staff to share this experience with us.

This is us.

We are a small company in our early stages of growth and it is challenging raising the funds at the moment.

Our initial nichie was mainly wedding when we incorporated as a business but realised that these are seasonal depending on the location.

So we are hoping to expand into the event props hire market.

The potential market and vendors has been indentified and all we need to get the ball rolling is the funding.

We set up a facebook page in January 20 but need to expand the services we can provide and to increase my customers.

The vision

To create lasting memories whilst changing lives through flexible employment.

Our pledge to provide flexible working for students and parents.

This is so close to my heart. When i was undertaking my undergraduate degree in Accounting in 2006, finding flexible work that didn't require a 7 hour shift was not easy. The only work available was working saturdays and sundays. I didnt have enough time to concentrate on my studies because i needed money to help survive as a student. 

I am relating to any students out there?

My student debt was raising and still that wasnt enough to cover all the essentials.

The student debt loan in uk has further gone up since my days and i can not imagine how most students are coping!

So why the students:

Some students come from families with low income or come from aboard to study. With the student loan debt level raising, students have take up jobs through deliveroo and uber eats just to have the flexible time.

I believe by providing students with flexible working hours, it will help more students have time to study and enjoy their student life.

Our props require 1-3hrs to set up or pack away. With the money they earn for every booking,we will take a commission for owning the product.

I believe this kind of work will not impact the time away from their studies and enable the students to provide for their needs such food and travel.

In a nutshell,my heart is out to help students because of raising student debt. See statistics below from

And why the parents:

Not all parents can afford to work full time especially if they are unskilled or thenorms of some professional job.

The government encouarges organsiations to provide flexible working patterns for its employees. I work for a company that provides this benefit however not all companies give their employees this benefit as it is not a legal requirment yet.

Our aim is to empower parents towards self employment in the long run .

As a full time working parent,i can relate with other parents who require a job that provides flexible hours due to increased child costs and pick up from school costs.

I believe these flexible work can improve quality of life for families and help parents spend more quality time with their children.

The charity "Save the children" published the article below and as my mother who has never worked part time, i am been forced to research into other alternative work to suit my child care needs. Please do google this article in your free time.

The long term goal after a year of growth is to help and empower mothers and taking away the society norms that having a child create a wall between you and a reasonable job.

In a nutshell, we hope to help students, young parents and parents in general overcame financial barriers,enabling them to access better education and flexible job opporunties.

I am humbled and grateful for your support.

The Staff 

Marketing & Branding Manager( Me).

Sales Managers (Stephen). Manages all sales bookings.

Bank Part time Event Manager (Vacant). Supervise all bookings and ensure they are delivered to schedule.

Bank Part time Event Coordinator (Vacant). Manages all bookings paperwork and finances

Bank Part time Event Assistant.(Vacant). Ensures set up and inventory is managed back to storage.

As a small growing company, we can't anticapate what will happen but we hope as the business  expands that we can fill these posts before the year ends.

The idea

The idea for the project is purchase event props to be hire, the weekends being our busiest days.

An event prop is a background masterpiece that create an amazing atmosphere for any event and the most popluar demand is around the 1st brithdays, baby showers,bridal showers,18th, 21st , 30th 40th 50th and 70th birthday.

Basically every event needs a show stopper prop to set the scene.

Giant event prop promote brand awareness  and endless photo possilblities for all my clients.

Booking process:

The props include:

1.Ghost table with 'baby','one' or 'love' letter.

2.Circular pink,blue and white backdrops.


4.LED light up numbers 3,4,5,7 and 0

5.Flute Wall.

6.Baby blocks

7.Circuit Explorer air.

All the above are to hired with the expecation of the circular explorer air 2 shown below.

This machine will be used to create free personalised decal that will be added to the hired out props together with the free balloons, a plinth  stand,cake stand or silk floral arrangement.

The decal below is an example of the output the machine creates.We also anticpate that the machine will used to create decal ordered by other prop hire events companies just like us and also cover our other line of business which is creating personalised bridal robes, hangers,groom gift boxes and bridesmaids gifts to be sold on Esty, Ebay, shplock and our soical media accounts.

Attached are picturee of products from the Vendor we hope to pur hase the products from.

The Velvet background is great for cake display and pictures. We have indenified that the blue and pink are perfect for baby showers and christenings.

The pictures below shows the finished product.

Above is a picture of a prop set up for a kids themed prop. Theme is Sonic the hedgehog.

Here is a quick video of set up for the Sonic hedgehog event prop.

The plinth above are sold in different colours and we have chosen the white, gold, rose gold as popluar colours used based on our market research on instragram.

The pictures below show a champgne wall which is great for outdoor garden parties . Summer is afew months away and we are confident, this sosphicated product will be a great seller.

The Bubbly wall  below is great for indoor display of bubbly for an event.These are mostly hired out fir 21st birthdays, bridal showers and baby showers. PROSECCO anyone?

The customers who will hire these from us, will enjoy the product as adds a bit of sparkle and excitment to the event.

The baby table is used as a cake prop and great for pictures for 1st birthdays and baby showers.

The baby arcylic blocks add an exciting theme to any backdrop. These are popluar with baby showers and 1st birthdays.

The love table is perfect hire for enagagements, anniversary events. Can be hired to be used as top table or a cake and candy display table.

It can used as a top table for a wedding.The product has endless use.

And finally the LED numbers, the popluar numbers being 30, 40, 50, 70. We  hope to purchase five in total with '0' just being one led number purchased and not four .

We hope to hire these with balloons included. This is to help rhe business secure a sale by offering the free balloons to launch the product.

Funds needed

We have set a budget of £3,500 and any funds raised on this project will help to push us towards our goal.

So we have set a target of £1,000 to get us started towards buying 2 or 3 item on piechart below.

The event props are in demand and we would like to test this market to help expand our business.

Funds allocation

The piechart below shows how we intend to allocate the funds raised.We hope to achieve our target and hopefully exceed it more of items below are added to our inventory.

The piechart above shows the allocation of funds in monetary terms.

The piechart below shows the allocation of funds as a percentage of total funds need.

Thank you for your support and we believe that:

  • " Life is an event, great events are made of amazing props."

The testmonials below are from people we have worked with and have reviewed us as company on our facebook page.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£60 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Personalised Backdrop with Balloons

As thank you for supporting our idea, we pledge to offer a free personalised backdrop with balloons of your choice on any event to hire out for the day. All delivery, set up and collection provided by us. Backdrop colours available are white or black, gold hula hoop. Any event from 01/05/2020 to 31/12/2020. Event must be in London

£10 or more

A Shout out to you on our soical media platforms

We pledge to acknowledge your support on all our social media platforms. Thank you in advance.

£20 or more

Bella Noemi Event T-shirt

A Bella Noemi Events tshirt See options for design and colour

£25 or more

2 of 3 claimed

Bella Noemi Event personalised Hoodie

We will give you a perosnalised Hoodie . Black or white. This will be personalised with our logo

£35 or more

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£5 donation goes to charity of your choice

For £35 ,we pledge to give your charity a donation of £5 as a thank you for your support. Charties make a great deal of difference in communities around the world.

£45 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Personalised Steel Bottle 500ml

Personalised Steel bottle 500ml. Holds cold or hot liquids for 8 hours. Personalised as a gift to you from us for your great support. Personalisation of name or short phase. Personalisation is included to show you what circuit explorer air 2 can do. The personalised decal on bottle will be created by the machine. Delivery in UK mainland only. Available from May due to print and ordering of bottles.

£50 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Personalised Event Welcome board & Prosecco holder

Welcome board are great for any event. As a thank you..we will provide a personalised board a Prosecco wall for any event of your choice. Prosecco anyone???? The event must be in london

£100 or more

0 of 6 claimed

£15 Love reward voucher -listed high street shops

As a thank you for supporting our cause . We will give something back by giving you £15 high street voucher to spend on you or your loved ones❤.

£250 or more

Kids theme party backdrop

I pledge to decorate a kids party event by providing a cake backdrop and candy table set. Balloon table centrepieces Goody bags

£500 or more

0 of 4 claimed

2 Event Props Hire and Corporate Box

As thank you for supporting us we will provide two event props to hire. The following are available to hire- 2 items will selected. Flowerwall, Led number, Baby or one table, Love led letters Circular backdrop White or Black with Balloons. Event has to be from 01/05/2020 and 31/12/2020 Additionally a corporate box will sent you, it includes A company personalised water bottle Tshirt Stationery- Note and Pen Recycle bag

Let's make 'Bella Noemi Events' happen

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