The Statue-Erection Project

by Bellamy Endsworth in Belbroughton, England, United Kingdom

The Statue-Erection Project


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Flexible funding – this project will receive all pledges made by 6th August 2020 at 1:39pm

Aim of the project is to design and erect small statues of bellends to erect in places where statues have been removed due to slavery

by Bellamy Endsworth in Belbroughton, England, United Kingdom

Apperently alot of this slavery statues getting removed is triggering a lot of people, and that snowflakes are banning everything that is rude or insulting to our history.

As one twitter put it:

"Being upset by a statue is infantile in the extreme. There is no evidence that seeing a statue has any deleterious effect on the human organism or psyche. Fundamental principle for treating hypersensitivity to innocuous stimuli, is to maximise one's exposure to them, not remove. "

So let's see how they react if we replace these statues with massive penises, which are actually considered good luck and symbols of fertility in many countries such as Bhutan!

All funds will go towards BLM Charities and chairities supporting equal oppurtunities for everyone (unless we raise a stupid amount of money, and some council actually allows us to do this).

Let's make 'The Statue-Erection Project' happen

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