BelEve female empowerment events

To raise funds to subsidise themed events to inspire, empower and support girls and highlight the achievements of young women.

We did it!

On 3rd Apr 2017 we successfully raised £1,230 with 30 supporters in 56 days

BelEve is a Girl focused organisation, supporting girls and young women aged 8-18 years to be all they can be. We are passionate about helping young girls develop the life skills and attributes they need to manage many of the critical opportunities, challenges and responsibilities they will face as they transition into adulthood and journey through life.

We deliver varied programmes, workshops; mentoring empowerment events, provide volunteering opportunities and community initiatives.

A Lewisham mum who wanted to create a space for her daughters to be able to benefit and participate in informal education activities designed for girls founded BelEve as she found that many of the groups that existed weren't currently ready to work with young people from an urban area.

Their response was to offer their own alternative to ensure girls in their area were provided with programmes that enriched their lives.

Our Events are created to challenge mind-sets and behaviours of girls and the community in a positive way. These events bring key people within the community together to work through various themes and topics girls face in creative and safe environment.

They are designed to inspire, empower, connect, and support the girls budding talents, which in turn helps them pursue their dreams and seek new opportunities to use their passion in their chosen field.

While highlighting the talents of young women, it is also a chance to build local and community support to promote the healthy development of young women.

Current events in the United States show how fragile the gains women have made in the last century truly are. While the political context here in the UK is very different the rise in hate crimes since Brexit and what appears to be a growing xenophobic rhetoric in politics is setting a dangerous precedent for how women are viewed.

Our Goal:

To create events which continue to build grass roots community support to ensure that communities across Lewisham and London work together to create a society where women are equally valued on all platforms.

The events are targeted towards females but open to other surrounding communities as they are designed to be intergenerational, and give inclusive opportunities to support the healthy development of womanhood in the UK.

The 2 events that we hope to run are:

BelEve Girls Rock: an event specifically designed to encourage, support and highlight the contributions of women in our society,

The urban arts are an important outlet for youth in the city. Rhyme, fashion, music and even graffiti are a means for young people to express themselves. This summer two up and coming MCs in the borough of Lewisham were murdered. Their deaths brought young people together with a desire to use their skills to remember, celebrate and look to a future. With our young women we created Beleve Girls rock and event to celebrate the urban arts and provide young women with the opportunity to showcase their talent for their family, friends and professionals in the industry. We want to grow this event, to make it a celebration of women in the arts, and inspire not just young women, but young men as well!

Media Girl: An event to combat some of the negative effects of social media on individuals and their self-image. This event is designed to help people learn to use social media as a force for good.

We are bombarded by information in our world. Media images are providing young people with unrealistic images of who, and what they should become. Social media is providing anonymous means for young people to bully each other. The goal behind Good Media is to work with young men and women to help build empathy and resilience in them so that they can see past the images presented by main-stream media and use social media in a socially responsible manner rather than using it to hurt others

Our events will help reinforce the work we are doing with young women in schools and as part of after school programmes. The events help them exercise their voice and learn from other members of the community.

What well aim to deliver

  • 2 empowering events for a total of 200 young people
  • We will ensure the young people are active in the planning and running of the events
  • We will document the events through photography and videography
  • We will give the girls the opportunity to gain a mentor 
  • Events will be free to make them accessible.
  • Events will be designed and marketed to a range of ages and we are specifically looking to engage: young women and individuals who can provide guidance and mentorship to the younger generations.

Why its needed:

  • 69% of girls aged 7–21 feel like they are not good enough - from the 2016 girl guiding reports
  • 70% of girls aged 11 to 21 say sexism is so widespread it affects most areas of their lives
  • Our work continues to be driven by the young women we support and the needs of urban communities.
  • The ideas for our events have come directly from our sessions with young women and girls.
  • Our activities are a response to what we are hearing from young women. However we believe it is important to have a community response, especially with some of the recent rhetoric from the United States and post Brexit which is driving our communities apart rather than together.  
  • The events give the young women in our community an opportunity to have a voice ,and for it to be heard.

 The outcomes:

  • Provide a safe space to explore difficult thoughts, feelings and events
  • Build self-awareness, self-esteem and relationship skills
  • Encourage aspiration and goals for the future through the arts
  • Develop Girls whom are personally, socially and emotional confident
  • Form mentorships for the girl

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