Beit Back To Eden- Community & Healing Arts, Sinai

by Shoshana Hava in Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard, Quebec, Canada

Beit Back To Eden- Community & Healing Arts, Sinai


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Hello my name is Shoshana Finn. I'm originally from Montreal, Canada. I set out on a Journey to Israel 17 months ago, I let go of everything...

by Shoshana Hava in Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard, Quebec, Canada


Hello my name is Shoshana Finn. I'm originally from Montreal, Canada. I set out on a Journey to Israel 17 months ago, I let go of everything I owned on a spiritual pilgrimage. With difficulty I said goodbye to my loved ones and set out to the unknown where my heart and soul was calling, where God, was guiding me. 

I took with me to Israel a few clothes I kept, shabbat candle holders that belonged to my grandmother, my Siddur,  Tehillim /Book of Psalms, and  a few other ritualistic gadgets. 


I imagined settling in Israel, making Aliya and living happily ever after. God had other plans, my soul had some soul work in... Sinai.


People are often curious and ask...How did a girl with a Jewish upbringing end up living in a Muslim country, in Egypt? 

Was I safe? ( YES ) 

What brought me to Sinai?  

What do I do with my time over there? 

What are my plans for the future? 

I share with you my story below...

"Where will the gathering take place?
I don't know, even Grandfather doesn't know!
And how will you go there?
It suffices to walk, just walk...
But what if we get lost?
He who has faith will never get lost." ~ Bab Aziz


Summary - Fundraiser Goals

New Year- Rosh Hashanah - High Holiday Community Meals 


I initially created this Fundraiser Campaign out of the urgency to raise money for an upcoming community Rosh Hashana, Jewish New Years Community Dinner that I am organized in Dahab on September 18, 2020 for Jewish people that are in Sinai and are wish to take part in a traditional high holiday cozy home meal celebration. In addition to Rosh Hashana I am also planning... 

*Weekly Shabbat Dinners In my Home 

*Yom Kippur - Braking the fast meal 

*Sukkot Meals in a Sukkah! 

* Community Healing Arts Center

Rosh Hashana...Just around the Corner...

I remembered as a child my mom and grandmother organizing delicious holiday foods and preparation way in advance, I remember the smell of holiday foods through the house, having a beautiful home and holiday table filled with an abundance of food and resources to make this celebration. I remember these traditions being passed to me, and having my own cozy family home and preparing with love these meals for my family and guests. 


God Bless, I was destined for something different than the other woman in my family. Here I was in Sinai, wandering spirit in the desert with no conventional home. Learning to make my body and soul my home. My heart longing for the nostalgic memories celebrating holidays with the family. 

Would I be even able to orchestrate this sentimental Communal Holiday Meal in Dahab with such little days, resources and manpower?

Miracles! Give it over to God. The Theme of Sinai. Day by Day, Moment to Moment, this was the powerful teachings in Sinai. In this realm of Sinai you must surrender and give all your heart and trust to God, plant the seeds, and then surrender and witness that again and again, it is our fears and egos that fool us. If we give it a truthful honest look, we are always provided for by God.  


Personal Healing 

Stable Home Base Sanctuary

As I began putting my ideas on to paper, I realized it was time to begin much more than just Holiday meals. It was now time for me to take care of my health, get a stable home base sanctuary to ground and work on projects very close to my heart that I had  put on hold for many months on my pilgrimage. I wished to get them going quicker, but have faced resistance, and health challenges that slowed me down.


On this amazing Journey, I experienced some challenging personal health issues that were progressively becoming more difficult to ignore. Wandering from place to place without a home for over 1 year (a soul choice) was incredibly powerful transformational soul learning experience, part and part of my life path to learn to let go of attachments to luxury. 



Sleeping outdoors along the Jordan River (with not even a tent), sleeping on floors, community homes, hard wooden mattresses. For those who knew me and the big princess in me, this was not easy, some nights without the comfort of a cozy duvet and hot water, a mirror, comfortable mattresses, was really intense. 

But there was incredible richness in minimalism, in living day by day, deeply connected to nature. I felts god presence, angels and guides by my side so protected and blessed through out my journey. In between the days of walking around barefoot, of bare minimalism, I was blessed with abundance of that of king and queen, with a palace, table full of food. I refer to it as Grace time, Gods benevolence, grace and gifts through the challenging tests. As you circulate the energy, as you give you receive. 




Personal Holistic Health Care 

After many months wandering with my house on my back through Egypt, I deviated from the authenticity of my pure holistic lifestyle, plant based diet and daily spiritual practices that was a big part of who I am and what I share with the world. 

I was drinking unclean water, coffee on a daily basis, had exposure to toxic chemical products, my body started feeling weak, I developed a kidney infection, sensitivity to radiation from cell phone and laptop, experienced high levels of brain fog, inflammation, nutrient deprivation and stubborn bacteria in my gut.

The signs were there, it was time for change, to come "Back to Eden" I was now being called to Land, and create a stable home sanctuary and continue with the fulfillment of dreams and my soul purpose. The pilgrimage I set on, was now concluding. I was being guided to a new stage with new lessons. 


Holistic Health Plan 

Detox Diet
Clean Filtered Water - Home Water Filters for drinking and shower
Juicing - Juicer & Blender
Organic Foods
Vitamins & Supplements
Colonic Irrigation
Natural Non Toxic Household Products
Plant Based Diet
Fermented Probiotic Foods
Holistic Body treatments
Energy Healing / Reiki
Song , Music, Dance

Sharing these Holistic Modalities and Health Products with others: 

As I recover my health, I will have more energy to help others. The Holistic Health Plan I outlined is not just for my own health recovery, but to be shared with others at Beit Back To Eden Healing Arts Community Home and online through my educational blog

I believe that what ever help, wisdom  gifts we receive from the universe , should be circulated and shared back with others. What we receive, we give back to Mother Earth. 



Beit Back To Eden - Sinai Dahab


Community Healing Arts Home : Home away from home, For Health Conscious locals & Visitors of Sinai.

An intimate community space of Music, Higher Education, Arts, Dance, workshops for adults and children, and Natural Wellness, Natural products.  A space that is that encourages unity, traditions, multiculturalism, and respect and love for all humankind.

Beit Yehudi: A place where neighbouring Israelis & Jewish people passing through Sinai have a welcoming home to come to to celebrate traditions: shabbat and the holidays. These traditions are close to my heart, and have been passed down from my ancestors. 


I feel a sentimental calling to help preserve these beautiful traditions and share them with others. It is my belief that all people should have the right to safely practice their traditions and rituals no matter where they are in the world, without being persecuted, or a target of racism, as long as it does not harm anyone or the planet, we all should have the freedom to practice our rituals that connect us to God. 

Beit Yehudi ( One wing of my love...) After heartfelt communications with God, I realize my life purpose is not to help exclusively any one group of people, not Jewish, or Christians, or Muslims, or any set religious group, but to reach out to all my brothers and sisters universally, to help create unity. 

I am loved and accepted in a Muslim community, because they feel deeply my love and respect for them. It is my belief that if we want to end war, and horrifying persecutions, lifetimes of suffering, we must learn to let go and release all old self defeating thoughts of religious superiority, of conquer and divide, and move in to pure divine consciousness,  loving all humankind, all souls, plant life, animals, we are all connected, we are all one. My wish to Celebrate and preserve beautiful traditions of my grandparents, and great grandparents, does not contradict my love for all, and curiosity to learn, share and experience rituals and traditions of other cultures.  

Beit Back To Eden is place for all...with love for God, truth, peace, freedom, compassion, devotion, to come together celebrate life, create, learn, expand & make new healthy & sustainable choices for not only our sacred body, mind and spirit but for the collective healing of our planet.




Back To Eden Local Health Shop : Inspiring Healthy Diet and lifestyle in Dahab to Locals and Tourists.  to Local Natural Health Shop In Dahab. Healthy Plant Based Vegan Foods, Fermented Probiotics Foods, Natural Beauty and self care Products, Natural chemical free household cleaners, water filters, fresh pressed juices, handmade artisanal products.


Colibri Camp- Nature Themed Art Workshops for children.


Fair trade Crafts / Woman Sinai : Export of Local Fair trade Handmade purses, Jewelry, and unique household items from Egypt that support and empower the Bedouin Woman of Sinai. ( Website Will be updated soon with new products) 


Visit to my family in Canada:  

My dream is to return to my homeland Montreal Canada to visit my family, especially My daughter who sadly I have not seen in 17 months. When I left Canada and headed to Israel, I let go of everything I owned, including my home. Over these months of pilgrimage, I had just enough, Thank God to make it each day with the bare minimums. I am in the process of putting together different gift packages of natural products and Artisanal Crafts from Sinai to raise money for my visit to see family in Canada. 

Thank you ! 

And now that Ive given an Introduction ...Here is my story of Journey starting in Israel...Landing in Sinai. 

I hope my unusual story brings inspiration to others....


I felt a deep calling to journey to Israel. I fell in love with the awe striking beauty of the Holy Land and making special connections to kind spirited musical and artistic communities with true intentions, to help bring change to the world. 


I lived for the majority of my stay in the mountains of Tsfat, I felt right at home there I was able to find my away easy around all the little alley ways, as if I had lived there before in some other time. I was blessed with a little charming stone studio in a holistic healing centre. Id walk out my door at sunset to make prayers with the most holy mystical energy encompassing Tsfat. 

I had an interesting opportunity to have a booth selling Natural Products at the Klesmer festival, I was blessed to have met many lovely people during the festival as well as listen to some Klesmer music! 




I loved going to Ascent community centre in Tsfat for the holidays ( I also loved hanging out in there amazing library) and was invited to many beautiful chasidic families for Shabbat as well. Yet I still held this little aching in my heart, wanting to have a home base of my own and invite guests to my home for holiday meals. I missed being the Host.



I spent some memorable time at Adama, an off the Grid Ecological Community in the Northern mountains of Israel, close to and in the later months in Israel, made many close friends there, and joined in on many healing circles and community shabbats.




I moved to a Holistic community in Pardas Hannah in my last days in Israel, where I found many like minded souls, community events, amazing initiatives with positive intentions and devotion to helping in the healing of the planet.

I was very inspired by the devotion I witnessed in Pardas Hana of lovely health conscious people dedicated to support healing at a global level.1598901280_img_8920.jpg

I felt blessed to be able to share music dance , rituals, and family traditions, with my brothers and sisters, something I longed for and dreamed to experience when I lived in Canada. I am so Thankful to all the blessed souls i met on my journey to Israel. I have made some lasting friends, and look forward to being united again soon. 



I did not live in Jerusalem but I felt I had to include the Holy Land in my story. I had have chance to visit several times. I stayed in the Old City on Ha Mal'akh street and had all kinds of mystical and marvellous stories that unfolded in the magical alleys in old city by Ha Mal'akh street.



Israel will have forever a special, sentimental place in my heart, and I know I will return one day, in new enlightened times. The high cost of living, moving around from place with small budget, political tensions, war planes, aggression, it all became increasingly heavy and intense on my very sensitive spirit. 

I needed to retreat to a more quiet, slow pace environment that was affordable to live with few dollars and that would be calming and healing on my spirit. Again I followed another calling from my heart, and felt Gods presence guiding me. 

The story is a novel itself, that I'm in the process of writing a book on...called Sinai Winds. 1598901433_img_8013.jpgI ended up in Sinai and fell in love with this special land...


I was able to deeply connect with the bedouins of the region. I believe the Jewish People share a bond from Ancestral soul memories, of encountering each other when the Jews wandered in Sinai. Assisting each other in times of need. Somehow i found myself in a realm relieving this experience again with new consciousness. 


Some people ask how I spent my days? I learnt to slow down, live more attuned with nature, walk more closely with God , deepen my faith, letting go of attachments and luxuries, Sinai gave me no choice but to surrender and live moment by moment. 


For months I wandered from home to home with my 3 suitcases, It was very challenging to not have a stable home base. Though it was great spiritual work to make my body and soul my home. Wherever id go, even if it was in a tent,  I set up my Shabbas candle holders, crystals, and prayer books, and  turn it in to my sacred home temple.




I did not know what to do for work, the energy of Sinai brought you in to a slowness that you can not imagine. I can describe it as closely as the life of a flower. I feel in love with the wild cleverness of the  bedouin children, we formed bonds, and I made a free Art School for the bedouin children.





I went on pilgrimages in the desert mountains, Saint Katherine, Mount Sinai, fed the goats, drank tea with the bedouins,  star gazed, rescued animals, swam in the red sea, and continued despite being one of the only Jews in the region, to Celebrate my ancestors traditions of the day of rest , Shabbat. 





At the beginning of my journey in Sinai, it was very interesting to make frequent contact with Israelis that would visit Dahab, Nuweiba and Abu Galum. It was always a beautiful surprise to find a group of jews to sit around with playing their guitars and singing songs to God. 




I was supposed to return to Canada in April to visit family, but the Corona Out-brake , lockdown took place, destiny was, I would sit still in Dahab. I felt blessed to be in such a free place with no masks or restrictions during the lockdown, I felt divinely protected, though my heart somber missing family and having a stable home. 



When Passover  approached it was one of the most special holidays I experienced but also one of the heart braking. The Israel Taba border had closed, I was not able to go to Israel for Passover, the Rabbis were not able to bring to the border Matza or Kosher wine. There were no Israelis left in Sinai as they all returned to Israel fearing to be lock downed in Egypt.

It dawned on me I would have to make a seder alone. I kept dreaming of being at my grandfathers Seder table, Since a child are family gathered together at the seder table. The pain in my heart was a beautiful one that showed me how much I loved Pesach. I had a rare blessed opportunity to make Pesach with God alone.

I printed out a Haggadah, I made grape juice out of grapes, some homemade marror, and harroset. I light the candles and made Seder in my home with God on both nights. I can not possibly describe the beautiful intensity of these nights. I remember reading each year, about being in egypt. Here I was , actually in Egypt. The words I prayed were so real from my heart, I was literally in Egypt. 






During the lockdown the community in Dahab became closer as there were no tourists arriving or leaving. I started forming friendship bonds with Russians and Ukrainian ladies that reside and frequent Dahab. One of my Russian friends had a secret Bania/ Russian bath house in Dahab that she built in her house, the woman got together and shared moments of powerful wisdom, connection and healing. 

It was very interesting moment to learn that one of my close friends Olga I met in Dahab was Jewish, when she returned to Ukraine I gave her my book of Psalms as a gift, I had carried this book with me around since a teen. Letting go with love is a beautiful thing.






My health at one point started to weaken, my diet had gone downhill with minimal access to quality organic food, chemical free products and natural health products. The water also in Sinai is not the best quality. I was suffering with bacterial infection in my kidneys, low energy, aching body, stress from not having a stable permanent home, sadness from the mess i was seing unfold globally. I found myself wishing i could settle in one place and focus on some creative projects , dreams that I wanted to launch abut when the peak summer heat of July and august came along, the heat worsened my condition. I didn't know how to pass through the days, it was so hot, I found myself unable to do anything but pray for a cool wind to come, and for god to help me heal, so i could have energy to help people.

I made an intuitive a quick decision to pack my bags and travel to Cairo where i could have access to Organic Food and Natural medicines, and make a light detox. Ironically Cairo is extremely noisy and polluted place, but allowed me the opportunity to reset not just my diet but to get clearer on my sense of purpose and direction moving forward. 




Cairo also provoked another deep emotional chord in me. I was able to tune in to the energy of the Jews that had lived here and that had been exiled. I tried to look up if there was still a functioning synagogue, sadly there was no longer a congregation, apparently only a handful of elderly jews left in old age homes that I wasn't able to locate. I tried visiting the synagogues by they were well guarded and we weren't even aloud to take pics. Of course I snuck a few  ;)  



Shabbat in Cairo 

Shabbat in Cairo was a very unusual experience! I could feel what the Egyptians Jews experienced during there last days before exile from Egypt. I felt I had to whisper my Hebrew songs and prayers, hide my Siddur when i left the house. I felt like i was going back in time. It felt very heavy on my soul. It brought out trauma. I knew I had come back for my soul to relive this moment with new consciousness and freedom. There was something i needed to forgive and release. I broke free and sang Shalom Alehem loud, and proud with all my heart to God in Cairo. The Shabbat candles glowed all night, maybe the first Shabbat candles to glimmer in Cairo since years! 


That same Shabbat I talked to God , I prayed in tears to make my life purpose clear during these unusual times in the world. I suddenly remembered Rosh Hashana was coming. What would I do? Would i  celebrate New Year alone? Israel border was closed, and my path to returning to Canada, was mysteriously being divinely blocked.

It suddenly came to me that Dahab was full of Ukraine and Russian families , maybe some of them were Jewish? Maybe some of them have never even had chance to light Shabbat candles or sit through a beautiful Rosh Hashana Traditional celebration.

My first reaction was extreme excitement, Im not a lover of 9-5 working, but Im a lover of hosting beautiful Shabbat and holiday Dinners! What if there were others Jews in Dahab and I could gather them together to celebrate the holidays at my house?


I went through different emotions from excitement to hopelessness, of my dream being crushed if  no one  would answer. I called aloud that if people would respond, this will me my sign from God. If no one responds I would need to look in to another path. 



People started responding to my posts. Russian Jewish families started to write me and confirm their presence to join for Rosh Hashana on Sept 18!  I believe this is just a beginning of a new journey. I also posted in Israel Sinai groups and got many responses! 

Alexandria , Egypt

From Cairo I travelled to Alexandria, where I got some relief from the cool Mediterranean Sea breeze, but was also overwhelmed by the lively noise and chaos of the city, confirming that my vibration could no longer live in noisy overpopulated places. Never be fooled by a picture, the beautiful sea view to not reveal the amount of noice in the city ;) 



I visited Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue in Alexandria. An Angel Clerk was kind an made an exception and opened up the gates for me to visit and make some prayers. Sadly there is no longer any congregation, a few elderly jews left, but in secrecy with fear of their jewish identity leading to their exile. I found myself praying harder for world peace. 




The Blue Sea Calming Room - 

The highlight of my Alexandria trip was the calming Blue Living Room I stayed in, that reminded me of my grandparents, the smell of the room, the temperature, the breeze, I felt so cozy , nostalgic and inspired in this room.

 I dreamt of having soon my own house soon. Decorating one of the rooms blue. The Blue Room inspired me and got my creative process going. I was going to return to Cairo for a few days, finish writing this Crowdfunding Campaign in hope to return back to Dahab and Move in to Beit Back To Eden. 

I searched for  quiet area in Cairo to stop in for a few days, a green area, with health conscious artistic community. Did it exist...YES! Maadi Degla, 



Maadi Degla, Cairo

Maadi Degla! What can I say, I found a peaceful quiet Oasis nestled in Cairo with with an artistic health conscious community full of Europeans. I rented a little room in a beautiful sustainable Health community home. I was blessed with the perfect creative space to finish the creative writing to my crowdfunding campaign, the house was full of kittens which warmed my heart, i got myself a white board and started organizing my ideas and tasks. I had access to amazing health food shops in the area, and frequented an amazing wellness center called Osana Family Wellness center that gave me many new ideas in the design and creation of the space for Beit Back To Eden.

The owner of the house I was staying at happened to be one of the founders of the wellness center. I was getting more and more signs and inspirations for my dreams of creating Beit Back To Eden. I researched different products I wanted to carry from Cairo in the Back To Eden Shop in Dahab, and  different options on transporting the Health Products and home accessories from Cairo to Dahab, to slowly make my home feel like a cozy sacred home temple. I finished writing my crowdfunding writing in Maadi and God willing will return to Dahab in a few days to a new home to prepare for my Rosh Hashana Community meal. 

God Bless, this is where the story ends for now...










 Im organizing myself in the new few days to leave Cairo and Head Back to Dahab to organize a High Holiday community Rosh Hashana Meal for Jews in Sinai on Sept 18 2020. 

I plan to make community celebration for Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Sukkot, and have dreams of making Shabbat on a weekly basis for all Jews from Europe, Israel and Russia when they pass through Sinai. 

Theres one problem!... I still dont have a Home! 


Healthy Holistic Community Center, with Natural Products Boutique, Healing Arts Classes and workshops in addition to offering Shabbat and Holiday Meals to travellers passing through.

I would like to integrate a project close to my heart Back to Eden Which I started in Canada with this Community Home and also include helping the Local Bedouin & Woman Artisans in the Sinai Region, and continue to offer Children's Educational and Art Workshops. 


Sinai has the peace and tranquility, purity that my soul loves, yet living in the desert for so long I missed quality organic vegan health foods and natural medicines and chemical free products, and Clean Water! My diet had gone downhill in the desert, and Im faced with some health challenges that I God has given be no choice but to come to look at, my energy so weak, I was left with the only one choice, return to a pure natural lifestyle that is true to my calling.  To move from "Dis -Ease." to Harmony. 

Im in Need to go on a strict Detox Diet for some time, Clean Water, Holistic Therapy, Vitamins and Supplements, Colonic Irrigation, Organic Food and Cold pressed juices.




When I left for Cairo...

I wasn't sure of the future, I took all my bags with me, and let go of my last lodging, not wanting any attachments and leaving the future open to all possibilities. 

Im in need of assistance to secure a house Rental for the holidays to not only ground and stabilize my health after many month of wandering the wadis , but to have a nice home to host the holiday events, with an equipped kitchen, to start as soon as possible preparing all the delicious home cooked traditional foods, for the growing number of Families and guests that are confirming. I will also need assistance with funds to build a Sukkah, and getting funding for food for all the guests for the high holiday meals. 

Beit Back To Eden, will be used as a sacred temple, learning, community, healing, Arts, and will be a grounding zone where i can have the sanctuary to continue building creative projects and dreams to help the people and planet. 

Thank you so much for your time reading my story, and i will be grateful for each persons assistance even just prayers will be so generous. 

Volunteer Needed: If there is any who has connection with Chabad in Eilat , Israel and can help organize  Kosher wine and Meat to be brought from Israeli officials at Taba border to the Egypt side, this would be such a miracle. 

For each person that donates, I will send a personalized Sinai Gift.  I will be designing special Crowdfunding Gift Packages soon as I settle in to my new home! 

Lastly, Id like to make a big Thank you from my heart for all the divine support, guidance. This assistance gave me faith, that God always provides in times of need and through the most unexpected sources. 

God Bless and Thank you ! 

Shana Tova, Wishing everyone a sweet New Year, May this year be one of liberation, Awakening, Good Health, Harmony, and Miracles Of God Revealed 

With Love, Shoshana


Let's make 'Beit Back To Eden- Community & Healing Arts, Sinai' happen

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