Beg, Borrow & B*tch - Edinburgh Fringe 2019

by Hunt & Murphy in London, England, United Kingdom


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Support and propel Hunt & Murphy's Edinburgh 80s comedy fringe show into the stratosphere this festival with a sweet marketing budget

by Hunt & Murphy in London, England, United Kingdom

We are off to the fringe festival for the second time this summer, and we are EXCITED! We have put together a wonderfully ridiculous 80s show! We saved all our pretty pennies to develop and produce this beast, 'Beg Borrow & B*tch' which will be performed at the Gilded Balloon's new venue The Old Tolbooth Market!

Edinburgh fringe is no cheap thing, costs so far have included; 

Accommodation at £1650 (to share a bed!) 

Venue hire Inc Publicity materials supplied by the venue £1143.60

Edinburgh Fringe Brochure £380

Edinburgh Technician £500

Travel £500

Publicity Shots £200

London Rent £700 EACH.

Preview shows at Brighton and Shaftesbury Fringe festivals + travel & publicity £400

Rehearsal space hire in London £20per/hour of which there has been MANY 

Costumes, Props, Merchandise =  £££££££ - An amount we are too scared to add up...

And on top of this we basically don't earn a dime for the entire month of August.

Comedy - that wonderfully accessible and affordable passion of ours has taken every last bean (It's funny cos' it's true) But the good news is, we have done it! ...almost

We need your help to cover the very final costs of our show, which is arguably one of the most important. The Marketing Budget! We are still yet to produce our posters and leaflets, and also assemble a flyering team to spread the word about our bitchin' show. We are in the disco slot at 10:30pm everyday, so will need to make sure we are scouring the city for late night Lucy's! 

Here's a sneak peek at our show:

A flyerer for 2 hours a day costs £625 for the run, 

Last year the two of us flyer'd ourselves for 4 hours a day, and it nearly killed us!

To hire someone to do the amount of flyering we did last year we would need the tidy sum of £2400?!. But hey we realise that’s AMBITIOUS! Go halves with us and we’d be chuffed!

 So our target is £1200 (feel free to smash through that though ????)

 We would just like some additional support to be able to down tools in the final hour before our show, to ensure we have MAXIMUM strength to give it everything we've got!

We’d love 2x people for 4 hours a day to match what we did last year! 

Lastly, there are 3000+ shows at Edinburgh fringe and honestly decent flyering is the difference between a living nightmare and living the fringe dream...

Please dig deep and make this fringe a bitchin' Dream!

We love you all 

Abbie and Ricky

Aka Cindy & Cassandra 



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

£5 Reward - Love

We love you and Thank you!

£10 or more

£10 Reward - Shout about Love

All the love and a lovely shoutout 80s Style on our social media and on Two Faced Bitchin's channel of course!

£25 or more

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£25 Signed Vinyl Record Reward

All the love. A signed copy of our very own limited press vinyl single 'Two Faced Bitchin' - Runs at 45rpm and has a comedy sketch on the b-side (these are guaranteed to be worth A-LOT someday) And of course a social media shoutout.

£50 or more

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£50 Signed Vinyl single and Bitchin' Poster Combo

For a stunning £50 donation you will receive all our love and a limited edition signed copy of our Vinyl single 'Two Faced Bitchin' and a signed copy of our totally RAD 80s 'Beg Borrow & B*tch poster! And of course a social media video message from Cindy and Cassandra.

£100 or more

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£100 Reward - Club Tropicana

GOODNESS why thank you hunny, You'll get all the social media love, a limited edition signed vinyl aand bitchin' poster! So lets celebrate and have some cocktails - no seriously we'll organise some 80s cocktails with Cindy & Cassandra.. Bitchin! (Post fringe of course)

£250 or more

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250 Reward - Private Dancer! (A private Show)

£250 - SHUT THE FRONT DOOR thank you so much - you sir/madam are getting; All the social media love, a limited edition signed vinyl and Bitchin' Poster AND private performance (although if you invite your friends it might be less weird) - We will organise a private performance by the one and only Cindy and Cassandra for you and your friends!

£500 or more

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£500 Reward - Producer Credit

£500 well, now we’re blushing ... guess that makes you Mr Lovett, our producer! You get; All the above; Poster, Vinyl our love, videos, drinks a performance and a mention on our flyers of thanks to your good self or your company branding as a main sponsor which ever you prefer (Last year we gave out 7000 flyers!!) we will also add your social media handles in posts as thanks throughout the festival!

Let's make 'Beg, Borrow & B*tch - Edinburgh Fringe 2019' happen

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