Get Our Anti-Homophobia Show To The Camden Fringe!

We hope to secure a venue at the Camden Fringe Festival and perform our latest anti-homophobia show, Before It Starts!

We did it!

On 11th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £400 with 10 supporters in 56 days

Our aim is to raise £1500 to take our new show, Before It Starts!, to the Camden Fringe.

From The Beginning...

Before It Starts! is part of the Stop It Before It Starts! Campaign that launched in 2015. Stop It Before It Starts! is an anti-homophobia campaign aimed at 13-16 year olds. The campaign is geared towards stopping homophobia before it starts in the school environment. "More than half of the students in U.K schools have been targeted by homophobic bullying." (, 2015) Homophobic violence, or 'gay bashing' as it is more commonly known is becoming increasingly popular in U.K schools. "One in six experiencing homophobic hate incidents experienced a physical assault." (The Gay British Crime Survey, 2008) Physical assault and violence start with name calling. Homophobic name calling is assault! Stop homophobic name calling in U.K schools before it becomes homophobic violence! Stop It Before It Starts!

To officially launch the campaign we teamed up with ITV Fixers to produce a short campaign film.

What Happens Now?

With the success of the film in mind we began working on the idea of creating a live theatre show. Unlike film, theatre gives audiences the opportunity to share live experiences and discoveries alongside the performers. The raw and untampered nature of theatre is the perfect forum to educate and inspire new audiences. At present we are in the early stages of the 'R & D' process and are working alongside young people to develop new material. Despite being in these very early stages we have already raised a substantially large audience base. Throughout the May and June period we are performing five 'pre-shows' (tester shows to try out useable material before the final performance) to over 500 audience members. After this process we will be rehearsing over July to create the final performance for the Camden Fringe Festival.

Future plans for the show will see a new tour taking place from September due to popular demand from young audiences.

The Show

The show is a hard hitting and playful take on school life that tackles issues of homophobia, sexual education and equality and diversity. Inspired by the writings of Dennis Kelly and Luke Norris this dynamic and fact explicit show holds the mirror up on teenage life and homophobic abuse.  A fusion of dynamic physical performances, urban characters and witty scripture; this piece aims to educate its audience. After all, education prevents ignorance.

Company Mission

"We don't believe that theatre can change the world, but it can change an opinion. Change enough opinions and you might just change the world!" - Carleigh-Ann Portelli & Claire Louise Portelli (Co-Founders & Artistic Directors)

Naked Frank Theatre are a physical theatre company who specialise in outreach performances. We create bold, hard hitting and truthful theatre, with the aim of telling the untold and unnoticed stories of the world we live in. Our work is innovative, honest and original and is always devised by the cast.

What Will Your Donation Go Towards?

  • Your donated money will go towards securing a venue at The Camden Fringe with full technical support for the full duration of the run.
  • Your money will also enable us to print paper flyers that can provide information to homophobia victims and help link individuals to the right charities for advise about discrimination and get support when it is needed. 

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