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I'm looking to build a mobile-first platform whereby people can get on-demand personal courier service to cover the last mile delivery job.

by Binjie Zhao in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Whilst there are quite a few couriers operating: DPD, Hermes, Parcleforce etc to name a few, there is a missing link in the current delivery/courier market in the UK: the last mile delivery in a reasonably sized city(population < 200k). This service can be very handy for those who are in need of short distance delivery with a quick turn around(< an hour, ideally within 30 mins). This service should cover many business sectors: food, grocery, retail, pharmacy, DIY shops, restaurant procurement, moving service, same city courier etc. This service can 

  • create opportunities for local business to grow their revenue by reaching out further afield. 
  • provide employment for free lance couriers. 
  • help to reduce CO2 emission
  • help people with mobility limitations
Social Benefits

Rather than hiring a dedicated courier team which comes with a high operational cost, businesses can opt to the on demand local courier service for short distance deliveries. Especially under the current pandemic lockdown, a lot of businesses are grounded or severely affected, this service could be the saviour. Local businesses are generally confined to customers in its immediate vicinity can now reach out to the market which is usually out of their service boundary, thus greatly increase their market exposure and revenue.

Local economy and employment

The service will employ free lance couriers to take jobs from the platform and deliver them. Being free lance, the couriers have the freedom to choose when and where they would like to deliver. They get paid for the jobs they deliver. Couriers can be

  • anyone who can legally ride a moped with a delivery box mounted on the back.
  • fully licensed driver with a car
  • fully licensed pickup truck driver

With the proposed service up and running, people will enjoy the convenience by offloading many chores in life: grocery shopping trips, coffee shop visits, post office trips etc. They can get more products and services further afield without having to physically travel to those premises. This service is especially useful for the elderly and handicapped. In a pandemic situation when social distancing and lockdown are being practiced, this service will help daily necessities keep going for those who do not want to go out and take risks.


Many households could make a decent saving on fuel cost by using this service. The couriers will use the platform to optimise their delivery routes so that the deliveries are made most timely and cost-efficiently. Consider this as a shared ride service for your delivery. This will result in a diminished need to drive for many, which cuts down CO2 emissions, reduces pollution and helps the environment.

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