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We're crowdfunding to help reverse the decline of the honeybee and expand our 100% British, artisan honey brand across the UK and Europe.

We did it!

On 27th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £2,225 with 9 supporters in 35 days

Hello! We are Bees for Business...

Bees for Business is one of the leading providers of beehive adoption plans for organisations across the UK as an innovative solution for corporate social responsibility, encouraging businesses to make a real difference to the environment whilst helping to reverse the decline of the honeybee in Britain. 

The Need - #BravoforBees

The honeybee is directly responsible for the pollination and therefore successful growth of one third of the crops used in the food that we eat. In 1900 Britain was home to approximately 1 million bee hives - in 2015 that figure was just 270,000.

As ethical beekeepers we are committed to reducing the decline of the honeybee in Britain, installing 20 new beehives each year and reinvesting profits to offer community groups and charities free hives as unique fundraising opportunities with their own honey. 

Bee Guardians for Iconic Brands

Our clients include iconic brands such as The Ned hotel in London, Sophie Allport, Burghley House and Michelin-guide restaurants, many of whom we supply with their own-brand, 100% British, raw, artisan honey.

We are the exclusive provider of Beekeeper for a Day gift experiences for Red Letter Days and Virgin Experience Days. We also provide beehive adoption plan gift packs for individuals and a range of honey and honey-related products... 

In 2017 we launched our own honey label, Bees & Co., supplying raw, artisan, British honey - harvested, jarred and labelled all by hand in the traditional, artisan way. We intend to do for the honey market with Bees & Co. what artisan chocolatiers have done for the chocolate market; providing only the finest, 100% British honey to discerning food connoisseurs and honey lovers alike.

A donation from each jar of honey sold is given to our charity partner, Brain Tumour Research.

What We Aim To Do

By supporting our project you will be helping us to increase the honeybee population here in England, whilst simultaneously supporting diversity in British farming by backing a truly British product. Furthermore, to help manage our expansion, we plan to offer employment opportunities to injured ex-service people, those recovering from stroke, mental health challenges and adults with learning difficulties - providing individuals with paid work, social rehabilitation and the option to train as beekeepers.

The money raised from your generous donation will pay for vital equipment necessary to enable the expansion, including beehives, larger extracting equipment and the wholesale purchase of raw honey from bee farmers across Britain allowing us to showcase regional, British honey. 

The Future

In addition to siting a minimum of 20 new bee hives each year, we have a number of exciting new honey products currently in development.

The Great British Honey Library launches in November and is a delicious gift box selection of 5 unique artisan British honeys with our exclusive artisan packaging and The Great British Honey Club is our brand new, exclusive honey club, offering 3 different artisan honey samples posted through your letterbox each month along with various treats with honey at their heart.

By funding us, you will be helping to grow the Bees for Business and Bees & Co. brands and therefore: 

  • directly increasing the honeybee population
  • encouraging corporate social responsibility in the area of environmental impact
  • helping to champion and highlight the importance of the honeybee
  • supporting diversity in British farming
  • backing a 100% British business to showcase British honey in the UK and Europe
  • helping us to help charities and community groups across the UK

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