BeerCraft of Bath - Creation of a Tasting Room

To make a modern, funky room to relax & enjoy craft beers, as well as tasting evenings, meet the brewer events & brewing demos.

We did it!

On 28th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £2,880 with 40 supporters in 14 days

Hello everyone.  

BeerCraft of Bath opened its doors on 3rd August 2017 and we have been met with an overwhelming display of support from the local community and tourists.BeerCraft of Bath is a craft beer bottle shop with over 600 different beers on the shelves from brewerys that are local to Bath along with beers from all over the world.  With beers on tap from some of the UK's best craft breweries, you can have a beer while you browse.  Or just sit at one of our tables and watch the world go by.  

Our Plans...  Our shop has a lower floor, which is currently a stock room, but the plan has always been to rip is all out and create a modern, funky area to enjoy the beers, learn more about beer (cider & lager) and give demonstrations on how to make it.

There are lots of great pubs in Bath with some great traditional beers on tap, but there are only a few venues where you can enjoy a modern craft beer so there is a huge gap in the market and we would love to totally fill it!

We took the keys to the shop in the middle of July 2017 and our initial focus was to get the shop ready to open for the beginning of August, which we did and its been an amazing response.  So much so, we have gone from stocking around 400 different beers to now over 600.

We regularly get "I don't like beer, I'm buying this as a gift", but with a quick taster of one of the craft beers that are on tap, we regularly get converts.

As craft beer brewers use hops in a different way to traditional beers,  its opening up beer to a lot of people that don't like the taste of the traditional bitters.  This includes Davin (one of the owners -  "I never used to like beer and as a Somerset lad I always drank cider.  Then one day I brewed a beer, using few hops in the boil and lots of citrus hops at the end of the fermentation.  I had made a beer that I liked.  Then I found I wasn't the only one making beer like that, and a whole world of beer opened up to me."  BeerCraft of Bath was born!

We are hoping to raise some funds to help us create our function area.  We are looking at starting this project in the Spring of 2018, however we need a few more £'s to help us get this part of BeerCraft off the ground.

The room has not been touched since the whole shop was a bakery many years ago and the store room has had nothing done to it since the bakery left, so it is clad in tiles, with bare electric wires hanging out of the walls (don't worry, we've had them tested and everything is safe), but it needs a lot of work and who knows what the tiles are hiding???

Once we have stripped the room bare, we will have a lot better idea of what we can do with the space.  Ideally we are looking to build a multi function modern room that welcomes you in where you can chill and have a beer,  learn how to brew beer with demonstrations from our homebrew gurus, drink lots of beers at our tasting evenings, and generally enjoy a quality beer in a relaxed, chilled out space.

We are asking for your help to get our project off the ground, make BeerCraft of Bath the "go to" shop for all your beers. In return for a pledge, we are giving some fantastic offers, which we hope you like.

Feel free to pop into the shop and have a chat about our plans and even take a look at what we have to work with.

Thank you in advance for your pledge and we look forward to a beer with you.

Davin, James and the BeerCraft of Bath team.

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