Beer Flood Events Beer Truck

We are raising money to build a beer truck. The concept is to build a van to serve craft beer at small to medium events in central Scotland

We did it!

On 14th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £70 with 3 supporters in 28 days


Beer Flood Events was created to bring craft beer to the people of Scotland.

Having been involved in the craft drinks scene for a number of years we decided the time was right to set up an events company to bring you some of the best beers from small local brewers.

Our first event was the Livingston Winter Keg Party. Held in January 2017 in an area that doesn’t have outlets for small independent brewers, we held our breath and jumped right in. People loved the beers we brought to them and had a good time trying products from small breweries they had mostly never heard off.  In future, we’ll be looking to hold a couple of beer festivals a year in areas where real craft beer isn’t readily available in local pubs.

It was always in the plan that we would build a mobile bar to provide craft beer and spirits to events and this is why we’re here. We need your help to raise the money to build an awesome Beer Truck that we can take to events such as music and food festivals, community and corporate events but our plan is to make it flexible enough that we can do indoors events such as weddings and parties.

The plan is to get a van and convert it so everything we need is there and is quickly assembled and broken down on any site. We literally want to be able to pull up, open the doors and serve beer, a portable front bar will incorporate a fridge, glass washer and hand wash, it will be plumbed to the van which will act as a cellar. Or maybe we’ll just built the fridges into the van and make it super cool like the concept drawing and get a trailer for the front bar and internal events. It’s all down to how much we can raise and what vehicle we can get with the money.

Talking of money here’s how we see it breaking down….

Vehicle*                                                 £3000

Dispense Equipment                     £1500

Fridge                                                      £ 500

Bar                                                            £ 500

Misc                                                         £ 500

Other expenses**                            £1500

* Either a fridge van like they use to deliver from supermarkets or a pick up converted to meet our needs

**Funding fees, incentive costs and the other inevitable stuff we didn’t think off.

For enabling us to make this dream a reality we have some great rewards lined up. We have keyrings, t-shirts, hoodies and bar runners as well as deals on bars for your event for corporate supporters. All supporters will get a mention on our website and the chance of discounted tickets to our own events in 2017 and 2018.

  Hoodie Design…..


T-Shirt Design....

For our corporate supporters, we would provide a bar for your event and share the profit with you. The final profit from the bar (after staff costs, and other expenses) would be split 50/50 with you. For this we would recommend at least 50 people and a maximum of around 200. We would apply for a license for the event and you would need to provide a suitable venue. Please bear in mind that we are based in West Lothian and any travel costs would be included in the “other expenses” so it’s best if you’re within a 100 mile trip from us. If you have any questions about this please contact us before pledging your money and we’ll see what we can do.

Please note all rewards will be processed once the crowdfunder has closed. Thanks for your time.

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