Bee Happy Honey Project

Bee Happy Honey Project

Honey Bee conservation through Bee-Keeping, making locally produced honey more accessible for the wider community of Greater Manchester.

We did it!

On 14th Oct 2015 we successfully raised £640 of £600 target with 14 supporters in 52 days

New stretch target

Thank you so much to everyone for all your support and pledges for the Bee Happy Honey Project!!


Any further funds raised with our stretch target, will allow us to enhance the level of wild flower planting and cultivation planned, whilst also allowing additional beekeeping equipment to be purchased, so increasing the overall impact of the Bee Happy Honey Project.


Thank you once again for all your support. Please share our link with your friends and family, through social media, to help us raise as much as we can for this worthwhile project.

Bee Conservation through Beekeeping


Honey Bee conservation through Bee-Keeping, making locally produced honey more accessible for the wider community of Greater Manchester and Lancashire.


About the Bee Happy Honey Project:

The Bee Happy Honey Project has been set-up to produce a delicious, reliable and affordable source of good quality local honey for the local communities of Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

The Bee population is in steep decline in Britain and the rest of the world. Without bees to pollinate the plants and crops in our communities, they are at risk of dying out. According to the United Nations, 20,000 flowering plant species are at risk, with a 70% drop in key wildflower species (including plants from the pea, mint and other perennial herb families) in the UK and Holland, since the 1980's.

Our aim is conservation, through Beekeeping. We want to build several fully functioning apiaries over a variety of locations, with a view to enhancing not only the local honey supply, but also to promote excellent pollination for wildlife areas and wild-flower growth.

 All funding will be used to purchase more Bee Keeping equipment (as shown below), to allow honey production and ensure a more sustainable source of local honey.

Above is a British National Hive.



Other equipment required for beekeeping and healthy hive maintenance.


With the honey production season for this year already well under-way, it is our intention to commence our initial production in Spring 2016, with first yields being extracted towards the end of 2016.


Benefits to the Local Community

Keeping bees has several advantages to the wider community, as shown below:

  • Protection of Honey Bees
  • Increased pollination of plants and flowers
  • Production of Honey
  • Health benefits - it has been strongly scientifically suggested that locally produced honey can been linked with helping people better deal with allergies such as Hay-fever and reduce the effects of other pollen allergy symptoms


Why start the Bee Happy Honey Project?

After years of buying Brand-named honey, from unknown locations across the world, I'd had enough!! I wanted 'Local Honey' from my local area.

When researching honey farms in my area, I found the nearest almost 50 miles away...this did not solve my problem.

The logical solution, as a person with a keen interest in conservation and home-grown produce, was to begin bee-keeping and develop my own source of local honey.

Whilst attending an intensive, practical and theoretical course and spending time with small-scale local beekeepers, I realised that the Bee Happy Honey Project was a great opportunity, with a view to becoming a key supplier to the organically sourced food produce market within Greater Manchester and Lancashire.


Pledge information

If you are interested in funding our project, please note that the pledge amounts listed do not include delivery costs.

The cost will need to be added to the pledge. However, if you are in the North West of England, we can arrange collection for honey.

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