Bee Creative

Bee Creative

Support bee survival, bee habitats & apiculture in a truly creative & multi-facetted way!

We did it!

On 21st Jun 2015 we successfully raised £60 with 2 supporters in 22 days

My aim ...

 ... to support Bee survival, bee habitats & apicultures in England.

About my buzzzzzzing project 

My grandfather was a bee keeper and it left me with a life-long passion for all things bee related, from the habitat to the honey and of course the fuzzy buzzing friends themselves. I love bees, simple as that!

So .... I have for years done my bit to spread not only better education about why those pollinating critters are so vitally important to our own survival, but also want to do someting pro-actively & creative to ensure I can support beekeepers and bees and their respective habitats.

Some of the lovely incentives for backers of this campaign are my hand-made Bee-Bag-Charms (with Swarovski crystals from my home, Austria)!

Thus the Bee Creative project is now blossoming to achieve its first target of £1000 - ALL of which will go to a bee-supporting cause (as listed below)! Updates will be on my dedicated BEE Creative Project facebook page.

The money raised will be split up to go to the following causes:

The first £100 to the Suffolk Beekeeper societies, to buy new hives/queens, expand habitat etc.

The next £400 will go to the Suffolk National Wildlife Trust Bee Project to create more pollination patches and support their already ongoing bee campaigning.

The following £100 will go to the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust 

And then £100 will go towards buying in wildflower/bee friendly seeds, which will go in every one of my ethical jewellery range > Botanica-jewellery box as an 'incentive' (this ethical, handmade jewellery line, will be sold on my etsy shop and linked to this campaign.)

Last but not least £300 are intended to go towards buying 'Bee-hotels'  for solitary bees, and those will be put up in the East Suffolk forest areas near where I live by myself and friends. Images and info to all this will be provided so you can follow the campaign also visually and see it blossom...

Ladies, Gentlemen ... your support is much appreciated and please do spread the buzzzzz!

Thank you from the bees, the bumbles & me!

Iris B. 

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