becoming employed again( vehicle transportations )

by ric lopez in Binley Woods, England, United Kingdom

becoming employed again( vehicle transportations )


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to become employed again, get my life back, so i can live a normal life again, and be able to help my children, as a father should.

by ric lopez in Binley Woods, England, United Kingdom

i have a mother who is bedbound with multiple schlerosis, amongst other things, my step father passed away in 2008, leaving her alone, so i quit my life in spain, as a self employed person, and moved back to england with my family, which i now realize wasnt, best for them. As her main carer, living with her the last 10 years, (which we thought would only be a couple or so) my own life has fallen apart along with hers, im unemployed, have become financialy broken, and struggled with life, and had to take head on all the negative changes thrown at me, its been pretty exhausting, and numbing,ive now decided to change it al if itspossible, and pick myself up,and get back out there, and repair the damage, done especially to my 3 children, who have been incredible through it all, i dont have anymoney, am 56 years old, and dont really have any qualifications, to help me in a place like england, which seems to only look at qualifications and not experience, i thought the last few days, if i could purchase on finance a recovery tow truck, maybe i can start to earn a decent salary, again, and fix things, but i cant get finance becuase of my situation, my son suggested this option, so i thought id give it a go, i have nothing else left to lose, a new recovery truck costs about £50000, but i thought i couldnt really ask for that much, so ive roughly guessed that for about £20000, i could purchase a secondhand truck, and have some start up capital, for advertising , and insurance, etc. iwas a mechanic and have a good knowledge of such things, im hoping mainly to transport classic cars for peole, and do general recoverys on the side, i have some contacts and it seems possible, starting bit by bit, and building it up from there, I am planning to do european deliveries too, as i know europe quite well, especially spain and italy, i have a familymember in italy with a plant and haulage company, who might also be able to help me gat started with some jobs.its nothing spectacular, as far as ideas go, but it would mean a life again to me and my family, self respect,and dignity. i will also still be there for my mother, but living a normal life again. thankyou.

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