Masters/course fees funding - last minute plea!

Masters/course fees funding - last minute plea!

£2700 fees needed quickly for charity volunteer to complete MA holistic counselling/embodied therapy course after funding just fell through!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello hello!

★What the funding is for:

So, I'm all ready to embark on the journey to become a fully qualified Holistic Embodied Counselling practitioner coupled with an MA in Holistic Therapies, and the funding has just fallen through last minute - with just a few days to go.

I've paid the non-refundable deposits already (a total of around £750) as well as my flights to attend the practical elements of the courses.

I now have a total of £2700 left to pay. This balance is due this week commencing 25 September. (There is some potential flexibility for extension to next week).

The fees include all tuition, materials, practical training & certification.

★About me:

I'm a 32-year-old experienced teacher with a huge passion for holistic creative education and for empowering people to live the most rewarding life possible.

After 10 years of teaching and developing & leading creativity and 21st century learning initiatives in schools as well as various roles with young people and adults outside of schools, I followed my calling and moved away from the traditional system to dedicate my life to establishing and running a charity for holistic creative person-centred education and therapies.

The aim? - To empower as many children, young people, adults, individuals, couples, families and communities of any age, gender, background etc. as possible, to go forth as independent, empowered people who fully understand themselves (a) as human beings and (b) as individuals, and thus lead happy, fulfilling, healthy and sustainable lives.

The charity operatesaround the UK & internationally & offers tailor-made sessions, workshops, retreats, mentoring, training etc. to all, across all fields, subjects and interests.

(You can read more about me & my journey in my profile.)

★Benefits of the training:

I’ll be able to offer, as a freelance practitioner via the charity, a vast range of alternative and holistic therapies to:

- children and young people within and outside of schools, including those with a full range of special educational needs

- anyone of any age, gender or race, for emotional, mental, social, and physical health and well-being and  for body-mind-soul

Sessions will be on a donation basis where possible to ensure that all who need and seek these therapies can have access to them.

★More about the training:

Holistic and embodied therapies are humanistic approaches incorporating physical, mental, emotional and social health and well-being, seeing human beings as one whole intricate energetic system. These therapies are growing in popularity as alternatives to medical approaches, but are still largely unknown and difficult to access for those who really need them.

The training can take up to 2 years. However, I've set aside the next 12-months solely for intensive study to develop my skill-base so I can reach out to more people in need, so I’ve opted for the 1-year fast-track option - these kinds of therapies are not often readily available or accessible and they are in increasingly high demand, so I aim to be able to offer them as soon as possible.

★Recieve a gift in return:

As a token of my appreciation for your invaluable and much needed support in this endeavour, there are a number of offerings in exchange for a donation - simply browse through the rewards to see what's available!

★ All pledgers will receive a small token of gratitude through the post, as well as some literature, and will be eligible for future gifts, offerings and special offers from the charity ★

★About the photo:

One of the long-term goals of the charity is to be able to purchase a van which can also act as an education & therapeutic space so the dedicated community of volunteers can offer the education and therapies programme as far and wide as possible.

★ My deepest gratitude for your loving, generous support ★