Horseshoe Heroes

6th October Update


The contractors at Horseshoe Quarry have been working hard and the end is in sight for the rebolting project! They are now working left to right across the Main Wall and are up to the route ‘Say It With Flowers’.

A lower off & belay simulator has also been installed at ground level; ideal for teaching new climbers and practising rope techniques in a safer environment. It is located at the bottom of the main wall between the routes ‘A Right Earful’ and ‘Clean Your Mouth Out’.

We're nearly at the £15,000 target! Thank you so much to everybody that has donated so far.

Rebolting Q&As


Thanks to all of the Horseshoe Heroes who have so far donated to our Horseshoe Quarry rebolting fund!

For those interested in the project, check out our Horseshoe FAQ's:

Q. Who is doing the work and who is overseeing the project?

A. The Land Management Group of the BMC is overseeing the work, in consultation with the local access team. The work has been contracted to a local Rope Access company, who are using experienced climbers to do the bolting and rock scaling work.

Q. How is the work going so far?

A. Suffice to say that some of the routes have been difficult to bolt safely, and it may be that a few have to be consigned to history. A real mixed bag of bolts have been removed, including some very dangerous ones with some bolts placed in loose blocks which can be moved by hand.

Q. What is being used to replace them?

A. We’re using what we feel is the best value bolt on the market, which is a resin bolt from Bolt Products. Made from A4 stainless steel, they are much stronger than the minimum required in the EN standard. They should have a lifespan of at least 25 years but will probably last much longer.

Q. These bolts are glued in place?

A. Yes. We’re using a pure epoxy resin. It’s a little more expensive than the resins usually used for this type of work but has several advantages. Once cured it is incredibly strong, and has a lifespan of at least 50 years.

Q. Do the bolts get tested after being placed?

A. Pull testing each bolt isn’t an option as this would damage the bolt eye. Instead, test samples have been made to show that the system works as anticipated. In addition, the contractors check each bolt individually to ensure that the resin has correctly cured.

5th September Update


The contractors working on Horseshoe Quarry have been busy! In total, thus far 43 routes have been re-equipped; 10 in the Toilet Sector and 33 on the Upper Tier.

Your support is invaluable in making Horseshoe Quarry a safer place for all climbers to enjoy. The images below show some of the potentially deadly, unsuitable construction bolts that have now been removed and replaced by stainless steel resin bolts.

We will keep you updated as the work continues.