Become a First Aid Trainer and escape Unemployment

Become a First Aid Trainer and escape Unemployment

I am looking to train as a First Aid Trainer and start a self employed training business and escape long term unemployment.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This project is to allow me to train, initially, as a First Aider and then a First Aid Trainer.

Having been between jobs for a while and nothing seems to be on the horizon, it is time for me to do something to get back into work.

So, I am looking at self-employment and it is recommended that you should do something that you enjoy,  are good at, have experience at or all three.

During my working life, I was a Duty Officer, within Leisure Facilities,  part of the job organised and delivered staff training and also public courses in Pool Lifeguarding that included First Aid and Resuscitation. That area of my job I was good at and really enjoyed delivering the training over 14 years.

Unfortunately all the qualifications, I had are long expired. I am at the age that re-doing the National Pool Lifeguard Course and the associated Trainers courses is now a bit beyond me especially the physical part. So i am just looking at just First Aid but maybe add other subjects at a later date.

However, I am determined to succeed in gaining the awards I need but unfortunately, need the funding to achieve it. Having tried all other avenues (banks, DWP, etc) and nobody able or willing to help, so I am looking for help here.

My plan is 

Stage One:

Attend, Complete and gain First Aid at Work Certificate (I held this for 14 years always successfully every 3 years but expired in 2006). This must be completed before attending the Trainer Course.

Attend, Complete and gain the following: First Aid Trainer, AED  (Automated External Defibrillators) Trainer and Education & Training Award (needed to teach or train)

On gaining the above qualifications, I can move on to stage 2 which is being self-employed and providing a training service to individuals, groups and businesses.

The funding aim is to get qualifications at stage 1. 

Funding Breakdown

First Aid at Work course £ 269.00

First Aid Trainer Course £ 375.00

AED (Automated External Defibrillators) Trainer Course £ 150.00. (This is an add-on to First Aid Trainers Course.)

Education and Training Award  £250.00  (Will be done after successful completion of First Aid Trainers Course.)

VAT £ 209.00

Total £1253.00

All courses would be booked at the same time, therefore, all is achieved within the rest of 2017, looking to start working by end of 2017 or start of 2018 at the latest.