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by Beckett For Unite in Lochgelly, Scotland, United Kingdom

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We know that this rabid Tory government is hell bent on making workers pay for this health crisis – just like they made workers pay for the bankers crisis – it is our trade union that will stop that from happening. It is our union with Howard as Unite General Secretary that will fight off employers using covid as an excuse to attack workers pay and our union that will protect you at work and in our society.

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Check out the website #Beckett4Unite and follow the official facebook and twitter campaign pages.

Our campaign is grassroots led and grassroots funded, we do not have officials working full time on the campaign and are reliant on our members getting the word out to branches and Unite members in your area.

Every donation helps us to campaign and push Howard's message out. 

Howard's vision for our union to grow, to fight for members and society and all of his pledges are exactly what we all need coming out of this pandemic.

We need to fight for more in the workplace and in society, not settle for a return to the status quo. Howard is the only candidate with a vision industrially and politically to stand up to the establishment and demand change.


As Howard said:

Throughout my time with Unite the Union serving our members in many capacities, most recently as Assistant General Secretary, leading Unites Political, Membership and Legal wings, I have ensured the core values and demands of our members are at the forefront of our organisation – from fighting bad bosses and rogue employers, to demanding this government support workers throughout the corona crisis, to fighting for tangible improvements in our workers lives and society. It has been a hell of a year for Unite members, dealing with the stresses of the public health crisis at home and in the workplaces, fighting to ensure safe workplaces, fighting off attacks on pay and conditions and stepping up to ensure our communities supported each other when the government repeatedly failed to help.

Unite members will now decide what our future union looks like, we have achieved so much – but we can always do more – and I want members to help build a Union that best represents you, the working people of today.

Our real terms pay has gone down year on year, our key workers are exhausted and rewarded with a pay freeze, our industries are bleeding out, workers terms and conditions are being attacked and our society is collapsing under the weight of health inequalities and food poverty – yet everywhere we also see Unite wins.


Unite making our members lives better, Unite ensuring workers are protected, Unite standing up for the most vulnerable in society and Unite effecting real change in government policy and in the workplace

We will use all of our industrial and political muscle to demand change, to fight for our industrial sectors, to fight for social justice, to fight for changes in legislation and to fight for a future for the next generation.

Our union, and our army of union reps have made significant achievements for members, throughout a difficult time, ensuring members were safe at work, ensuring people received furlough and paid time off and we will continue to demand more for our workers.

During our campaigning throughout and post-Brexit, throughout (and soon hopefully post) Covid and dealing with the huge inequalities in our workplaces and most recently in the campaign I am leading against Fire and Rehire we are showing how we achieve real change by mobilising all of our resources across sectors, across wings of our union and across society.   


We will ensure the security of workers today and those to come and we will continue to fight for our communities alongside campaigns like the right to food.

We know that our union will need to build and grow to deal with what the future looks like post this pandemic – on top of the challenges of a post-Brexit Britain to deal with. 

We know that whatever happens the Tories will try to make us pay for their crisis so we must grow and develop and organise better than ever before to ensure our members are.

As your General Secretary I will continue leading from the front and ensuring members demands are at the heart of everything we do.



The campaign can only accept donations from Unite members, any non compliant donations or any unspent donations will be donated to Unite's dispute fund.


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