Beauty Queen- A film for healthy self-esteem

To raise healthy self-esteem with more healthy media with positive role models & healthful representations to our audiences, globally.

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Beauty Queen is a fictional modernised romantic comedy that encourages healthy self-esteem, self-love and sheer confidence within us all.  The film is all about LOVING OURSELVES just the way we are no matter how we look physically, regardless of our physical imperfections.

The film shows us what being beautiful really is, being beautiful and attractive is not just about having a pretty face or a fit body, yet it is all about LOVING YOURSELF, having a warm heart, embracing the way we are, having the confidence to shine your inner light out with others, shining out our special talents we are blessed with and most of all...Beautiful is all about BEING YOURSELF and embracing your imperfections. We must love our flaws too as they make us unique AND  special.

If we shine our real beauty then it can even attract us to a special someone.


This film aims to tackle the pressures of physical perfection

The pressure to look physically beautiful and perfect is still ongoing and is a highly common issue that large numbers young people and adults , particularly girls and women are undergoing nowadays, even young children from ages 8 are beginning to ecome more image conscious today.

The film aims to tackle the overexposure the unrealistic standards of beauty that we are being exposed to DAILY and that we cannot relate to

In this digital age where we have easy access to technological platforms, we are constantly exposed to advertising material and to social media which makes us even more vulnerable to such overexposure of unrealistic beauty standards we are regularly seeing in our mainstream media from magazines, TV, billboards, shop windows to even social media posts.

They all show physical perfection as being successful and even being the most attractive feature to the opposite sex especially when it comes to finding a special someone in our lives.

This regular overexposure is not healthy at all to our audiences today and can easily trigger many disorders like eating disorders, low self-esteem, low confidence levels and depression with such insecurity all of which can easily affect one's mental health overall.

This is not what young people should be faced with a healthful upbringing and scope in life. 

Therefore I am challenging this overexposure of unrealistic beauty and put in place a positive fresh, healthy and uplifting turn  to the media we watch on a regular basis with my line of modernised of films starting with BEAUTY QUEEN.


Beauty Queen is a film that not just reinforces on true inner beauty. It also aims to strengthen such movements like:

  • MOVE, INSPIRE AND UPLIFT YOUNGER GENERATIONS with more positive representations of life to lead a healthier direction
  • MOVEMENT OF LOVE & REAL BEAUTY- Love is built not found.  Spreading sheer love to all to raise healthier happier communities together. Spreading love and smiles all round globally is indeed spreading real beauty and beautifying the world with kindness.

Overall Beauty Queen is a film that will be made FOR US BY US.  It will include a number of supporters as extras, a large female film crew in support to highlighting more female film talents and supporting  the women's movement in film.

Let's make this real beauty movement strong, let's strengthen the female voice in society, let's give  our young generations healthier directions to lead with positive representations, let's inspire, move and motivate each other  and let's bring more love and self-worth in society.

TOGETHER we WILL fight beauty pressure!

Be part of BEAUTY QUEEN and create one beautiful movement!

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