Beauty blogger with broken equipment

Beauty blogger with broken equipment

In 2011 I began a beauty/makeup blog as a hobby. It now has 12000 followers worldwide! I need new equipment to launch my online channel.

We did it!

On 29th Sep 2014 we successfully raised £950 of £950 target with 11 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

If I receive any money over the target, I will invest in more lighting, items for the purpose of tutorials and camera equipment.

Hi there!

I am a 21 year old undergraduate Digital Media student at Falmouth University with a passion for beauty, fashion, art and technology.

I need to raise £950  to replace my broken computer equipment in order to develop my hobby into a viable career.

My blog

3 years ago,  before I started at uni, I began a blog as a hobby  (click to see)  It  combines my enthusiasm for creative eye makeup, fashion, writing and communication. I  create visually attractive pages with dynamic, relevant content. I give beauty advice , style tips and answer specific questions (click to read).  In the first few months , to my surprise, I gained 1000 followers.  I never dreamed at the outset that I'd have the kind of following I have today - 12000 and rising!

In the blog I take pride in trying to answer as many questions and requests as I can each day and enjoy the interaction I have with my followers and visitors. I am inspired by the number of people that love all the things I write, and come to me for advice - from all around the world.  I find it so exciting.

As I enter my final year of my  degree I am looking to the future and researching possible avenues for my career in Digital Media.   

The future

What's my idea? Well, so many of the lovely people that I interact with through my blog have requested time and time again that I create video tutorials/an online channel dedicated to answering their questions.  

This is a hugely popular modern medium.  I have always dreamed of creating a channel as a way to extend the site, and to show more specifically the techniques, products etc I advise them about.

In the past I felt too shy to put myself  forward, but, during my time at Falmouth Uni my confidence has grown, I have modelled for photographer friends (see pic above - pink hair!), and feel able to take on the challenge of fronting my own channel.

I have researched with interest the growing number of beauty bloggers  who developed their careers through YouTube channels etc, ( **see list  of examples below)   It is an exciting, contemporary  and growing medium accessed regularly and freely by my generation.  I believe, having the enthusiasm, experience and supporters I already have, strongly indicates that I have the potential to develop my own career in this genre by creating my own channel. 

So, why am I Crowdfunding?  

Simply - In order to create this style of video, I need to buy a computer and software. I specifically need a Mac computer and software such as Final Cut Pro and Premier. Alas, I have a student fee debt of £27,000!.

I would be so very grateful if you would consider helping me explore my dream of becoming a professional Beauty Blogger/YouTuber. I  believe I have the credentials to make a success of it, I just need your support to help me take the next step.

Thank you so much :)

** Beauty bloggers include:

  • Lauren Curtis
  • Beautycrush
  • Andreaschoice
  • Zoella

All photo credits go to Fashion Photographer Elise Wee. Current student at Falmouth University.

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