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Aiming to create new images with exotic beauty devices for the project Beauty Warriors, expand the research and publish a book.

by in Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom

About Beauty Warriors.

In 2017 I started this project while studying at the University of Highlands and Islands.  I was looking for something to research and wanted to explore themes related to women's appearances and standards of beauty. One day I found a little strange thing called 'Face slimmer'. I was very intrigued what is all about and I started my research. I found more interesting items and started to collect them. I knew that I want to show the world what I have found and I started to organise photoshoots inviting local women to pose for the images. 

I created 30 images from 2017-2019. The project is fully self-funded. I styled my images, looked for beautiful vintage style clothing to perfectly match the model and the gadget. I took photographs at the community centres and at homes and at my small studio. 

Dimple Maker, Beauty Warriors I 2019

Cheek Slimmer, Beauty Warriors I, 2019

The project has many publications, features and received LensCulture Portrait Award 2017 and was nominated for Henry Nannen Preis 2019 in Germany. The Beauty Warriors project was exhibited in Scotland at the FLOW festival, in Switzerland at the Pfaffikon Kultur Zentrum and at Benidorm Expone festival in Spain. 

BenidormExpone Festival, Spain, Benidorm, July- August 2019

BenidormExpone Festival, Spain, Benidorm, July- August 2019

What is happening now?

At the moment I have two parts in this project- first part- portraits with tools that are designed to use on face and neck, the second part is focusing on the body- butt enlargement, breast enlargement, thigh gap, flat tummies and other areas.  I am working on the third part of the project, the conceptual images corresponding to worlds obsession with beauty and plastic surgery, strange trends on social media. 

Wraps, Beauty Warriors II, 2018

What are my plans?

I am working on the research, and I want to explore more interesting and unusual beauty routines and tools. I have found already approximately 50 new different beauty enhancement tools and gadgets. I want to buy them all! 

There are a couple of examples of the products that I would like to purchase.

I have found massagers, strange nose shaping tools, very exotic facial masks and other things not just for the face but also for the body. After the crowdfunding campaign, I will order these items and one by one will be used for the new photographs.

I am very interested in online beauty trends, strange, unusual beauty routines and plastic surgery and the actualities in the beauty industry. I use social media and online shopping sites as my inspiration. By using specific keywords and hashtags, I can find very interesting images, items and information. I capture screenshots and note down the information, sometimes comments and reactions. I am interested in how the story unfolds by following trendy hashtags. For example, I looked for information about breast enlargement surgeries. Through the hashtags and social media posts, I found out about Breast Implant Illness. I followed the hashtag BII I found so much information - the individual women stories, the warnings from the doctors about dangers of the implants and the opposite stories- how good and safe the implants are. So I wanted to understand what is the truth and are the implants so bad for women?

From individual women stories, I learned how dangerous can the breast implants be and what health problems women are experiencing just by having them. The health problems they have are very difficult to detect, it takes a long time to find out what is causing these problems.  I found stories that the explant surgeries (breast implant removal) can immediately help and lots of the symptoms are disappearing after the surgeries. In addition, in many countries, certain types of implants are banned because of the dangers of breast cancer. 

 Sometimes it's hard to understand what is true and what is fake news. I am fascinated by the amount of different information and images and videos available online and I use them as a starting point in my art. In this way, I created my Party Table installation. 

Party Table, Detail. Installation, 2019

Party Table, detail. Installation, 2019

Party Table, Installation, 2019, Inverness Museum and Art Gallery.

Booty Beauty, Beauty Warriors II, 2018

Water Bags, Beauty Warriors III, 2019

I plan to complete the project in six months after the crowdfunding is finished and I hope to create the final product- the book in a year time from the finish of the crowdfunding if I manage to raise a full amount. 

If I don't raise a full amount, all funds will be used in the production of new exciting artwork- I will purchase as many beauty gadgets as possible and will continue to photograph the collection.

With your support, I will be able to create something that is interesting, funny and meaningful! Thank you very much for reading!


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