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The Beauty Bottle; bringing you sustainable, alternatives to single-use plastic in your beauty and cosmetic routines.

by Beauty Bottle Tribe in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have." Margaret Mead

Did you know that EVERY SINGLE toothbrush you have used in your life still exists?

We know there is a plastic problem, we've seen the 'sea of plastic', THAT image of a seahorse carrying a cotton bud and we know Australia and the Amazon are on fire. Realistically, we can't fly there to help. That said, surely we can do something?

One of the solutions are zero waste shops, enabling more of us to address our household reliance on single-use plastic. I also aspire to be zero waste in our household. However, recently I noticed our bathroom cabinet - full of lotions, potions, and pastes - all in single-use, plastic containers that may not be recyclable. Can you relate?

You can? That's fantastic, stay with us!

No? You aren't alone. 

Either way, read on.

That said, even the industry is recognising they have a problem.

  • "The beauty industry relies heavily on single-use plastic packaging" (National Geographic).
  • "A HUGE amount of this becomes waste that winds up in our environment, with face wipes creating river beds and most fish containing plastic waste as a result of this." (Glamour
  • "It’s been reported that over 20 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry, most of which are not recyclable." (

To sum it all up;

"While it is unclear just how much waste is produced, what is crystal clear is that our desire to smell gorgeous, feel clean and have pretty packaging costs far more than just our salary."


My story starts in a local high street chemist, shopping for eye cream. Pretty colours as far as the eye can see. I walked out with a single use plastic tube of cream that will last for 8 weeks. And, once it's empty there is a high possibility it won’t be recycled, even when I put it in the appropriate bin!

This gave birth to The Beauty Bottle.

I want to change the way we for cosmetics, think sustainable -- refill, reduce, reuse, rethink. By opening a zero-waste store in the historic Leeds Corn Exchange, specialising in refillable, sustainable cosmetics, with a focus on UK sourced products. Lowering our carbon footprint and bringing zero-waste thinking to our personal care products, not just our food. Because this IS planet B. My vision is to offer as many refill products as possible in terms of make-up, creams, cleansers etc. Or as my husband would say - 'lotions & potions'

“Doing your ‘bit’ to tackle climate change isn’t all about attending rallies, addressing the UN and moving ‘off-grid’. You can be part of this change by simply altering the way you consume. The Beauty Bottle will help you address this, allowing you to obtain refillable, sustainable products that don’t cost the earth, or your bank account.”  

Jenny Cavanaugh-Bond, Beauty Bottle Co-Founder

Want to help?

Here's the deal. For a little of your cold, hard cash, we promise to spend your money wisely and offer some nice little (and large) treats carefully curated for you - all without plastic wrapping!

The funds raised during the campaign will be used to secure premises in the historic Leeds Corn Exchange and create a zero-waste sanctuary in the bustling city centre of Leeds.

Ultimately, the store will provide:

  • Access to a large range of zero waste products to redefine your beauty routine
  • Refillable make up ranges
  • Showcase small UK suppliers that support local, ethical manufacturing
  • Employment for the local community, because working 24/7 is not sustainable

I've been in touch with some amazing suppliers who have pledged not only their enthusiasm & support but provided some of the generous rewards.

Not only that, together we can create change on a GLOBAL scale. Are you in? Choose your reward, add your pledge and join the refill revolution.

For more information about the Beauty Bottle, visit our website

Media kit available here. Contact for further details.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

0 of 27 claimed

Soft Scoop Soap!

Yes, you read that right. Soft scoop soap is the brain child of Oana at UrbanSelf. These multi-purpose soaps are fun to use and look stunning. You can use them for any purpose! Face and body wash, bubble bath, shaving cream or add a touch of sugar or ground coffee and turn into a scrub. As an extra special reward, we'll give you a whopping 25% discount on your first refill of the UrbanSelf range when you refill with the Beauty Bottle.

£1 or more

Honours List

Every single penny helps us take a step closer to those lofty dreams and helps us make the Beauty Bottle a reality. In return, you will have a place on our honours board on our website.

£2 or more

0 of 32 claimed

Hairy Jayne Trial Tins

Try out Hairy Jayne products in these sample sized tasters. Allowing you to try them out before committing to a full size product or choosing a refill. Great for travel too! For our samples, the fragrances are chosen at random.

£5 or more

10 for 5

We all love a little something off our shop. Pledge £5 and you will get a 10% discount on your first shop with us.

£5 or more

0 of 20 claimed

Travel light

Get a mini solid shampoo bar AND a conditioner bar from the Natural Spa and test out these portable little beauties. Great if you are traveling.

£5 or more

0 of 50 claimed

Wipe that grin off...

4 reusable hemp makeup wipes from our friends at Leave No Trace. These super-soft badboys are kind te even sensitive skin, but tough on your make up. As a bonus, they are also easy to clean. You'll wonder why you ever used cotton pads in the first place!

£7 or more

0 of 60 claimed

Starting Small

We all have to start our zero waste journey somewhere, and what better place than a cleanser or moisturiser. We've teamed up with FACE skincare to bring you a calming cucumber cleanser or their best selling Glow moisturiser. Presented in a gorgeous glass jar, whichever you choose, they will look beautiful in your bathroom. What's more, they can be refilled too.

£7 or more

0 of 18 claimed

Shake Your Coconuts solid shampoo

These Shampoo Bars cleanse and care for your hair, with a bio-degradable cotton loop to hang it up after use. The logo embossing on the bottom of the shampoo bar creates a special massaging effect. Of course, the Foamie Shampoo Bar is 100% vegan, animal-testing free and free of parabens, silicones, dyes, sulphates, nano particles and other icky stuff that your hair and scalp don’t need.

£10 or more

10 for 15

We all love a little something off our shop. Pledge £10 and you will get a 15% discount on your first shop with us.

£10 or more

0 of 50 claimed

Kubes Kombo

These Kubes are super versatile and easy to transport. Great for travel, gym time and even a pamper party! Gym Bunny set includes: Beauty Kubes body wash trial pack Mini wooden brush Beeswax lip balm (random fragrance) Mini Pit Putty deodorant (Lemongrass TeaTree) Pamper Party Pack includes: Beauty Kubes hair mask trial pack Mini wooden brush Beeswax lip balm (random fragrance) Peppermint footcream

£10 or more

0 of 20 claimed

Tame those Tresses

We all want soft, manageable hair. Thanks to Tammy at Jim and Henry, we can all enjoy this feeling with their nourishing hair oil or lightweight leave in conditioner. While it's designed for thick, afro hair, it works well on coloured hair and, if used sparingly, fine hair too.

£10 or more

0 of 15 claimed

Last Swab reusable buds

LastSwab was a hit on kickstarter. It is designed to replace up to 1000 single-use cotton swabs. It is delicate enough to be suitable for sensitive body parts, and so precise that it’ll become a make-up essential. You will wonder how you ever managed without it! *Random colours

£12 or more

0 of 24 claimed

Blushing yet?

Not only is there an amazing range of skincare, but we have make-up too. Yes, refillable makeup. The amazing Laura at Love The Planet has enabled us to offer you beautiful blusher to make those cheekbones pop!

£12 or more

0 of 20 claimed

Pearly Whites

Every toothbrush you have ever used still exists - but we can change that. This kit has everything you need to bring zero waste to your dental routine. In this kit, you'll get; A bamboo toothbrush, medium bristles Your choice of tooth tabs (60) or toothpaste (random flavours) 1x dental floss (random flavours)

£12 or more

0 of 17 claimed

Lazy Days Dry Shampoo

Whether you follow the 'no-poo' method or don't want (...can't be bothered) to wash your hair or just want a little extra volume, lazy days dry shampoo has your back. NATUR dry shampoo is made with arrowroot powder and no added fragrance - just a little grapefruit oil for freshness, so if you've ever had sensitivity from other dry shampoo's, lazy days may be your new best friend!

£12 or more

0 of 20 claimed

Ode & Fenn shower steamers

Are you more of a shower person than a bath person? Don't want to miss out on the gorgeous scents of a bath bomb? Then a shower steamer is for you. Ode & Fenn have created a little block of luxury for your shower. Choose from Sleep: 4 x Lavender 4 x Elemi 4 x Nutmeg 4 x Ylang Ylang Congestion: 4x Rosemary 4 x Eucalyptus 4 x Tea Tree and 4 x Peppermint Refresh: 4 x Grapefruit 4 x Lime, 4 x Tea Tree and 4 x Petitgrain

£15 or more

0 of 19 claimed

Bearded Wonder

Rugged Nature are changing the way men think with their fantastic range of skin and haircare for the more follically blessed male. Pledge just £15 and you can bag a beard care kit which includes their amazing beard oil and beard balm to keep those facial tresses tame. *Their products are tested on students, not animals.

£15 or more

0 of 13 claimed

Reusable cotton eyemask

These cotton eye masks are handmade by Jenny. Filled with organic linseed, they can be used time and time again. The cool cotton is kind to the sensitive skin around your eyes and linseed has a cooling effect without any artificial elements to sooth your eyes after a heavy day.

£17 or more

0 of 12 claimed

Full Package!

This kit packs a punch, giving your zero waste cleansing routine a kick-start. Perfect for all skin types. You will get: 4 x reusable hemp wipes from Leave No Trace Cucumber Cleanser (30ml) FACE Skincare Signature Glow Moisturiser (30ml) FACE Skincare.

£17 or more

0 of 7 claimed

Salty Seas - a DIY bath salt workshop

Book your place on our first EVER workshop. You will be able to create your own signature bath salts, to help you float... wherever you want to be!

£20 or more

0 of 17 claimed

Blushing yet? UPGRADE!

Upgrade! Not only is there an amazing range of skincare, but we have make-up too. Yes, refillable makeup. The amazing Laura at Love The Planet has enabled us to offer you beautiful blusher to make those cheekbones pop! As an extra special reward, we'll give you a whopping 25% discount on your first refill of the Love The Planet range when you refill with the Beauty Bottle.

£25 or more

0 of 60 claimed

Beauty Bottle Brunch

We'll provide the canapes and mocktails, you can try out our products and chat zero waste with us. Don't fancy being around so many people, upgrade to our soiree.

£25 or more

0 of 14 claimed

Hairy Jayne zero waste hair care gift box

Zero waste hair care set. A shampoo bar, conditioner bar and hair perfume, all in the fragrance of your choice. All of the packaging is either re-usable or recyclable. Hair Purfume isn't just a pretty smell. It can be used two ways. On freshly washed hair before blowdrying. Or on dry hair before re-styling with heat. It acts as a protective barrier between the heat and your hair.

£35 or more

0 of 7 claimed

A Close Shave

For men and women alike, you can go zero waste in your shaving routine with this kit. Includes: A wooden safety razor & Blades (over 18 only) Alter/Native Cederwood & Coffee shaving soap Wooden shaving brush Cotton face cloth After Shave oil *by purchasing his reward, you are confirming you are over the age of 18

£40 or more

0 of 9 claimed

Exclusive Soft Scoop gift box

That's right, soft scoop, like the Ice Cream. We've teamed up with the lovely Oana at UrbanSelf and persuaded her to bring back these kits exclusively for you! This includes her unique soft scoop soap formula. You'll get: 30ml pot of soap, a scoop of shampoo, 5ml facial serum. *As there are a number of combinations to this reward, we will contact you once crowdfunding has been successfully completed to confirm your product choices.

£50 or more

0 of 24 claimed

Beauty Bottle Brunch Soiree

Join us for an exclusive Sunday Brunch Soiree. A small, intimate gathering to chill out after the weekend. Limited to 6 people, held over 4 soiree. We'll provide canapes from our friends at Owt and mocktails. You'll have our amazing staff 1:1 to help you get just the right products for you and a 10% discount on the day to put the cherry on the cake.

£75 or more

0 of 15 claimed

Opening night Beauty Bash

One ticket to our opening night beauty bash, see the stock first hand and get your mitts on it before anyone else! Oh yes, there will be mocktails and cake from the legendary Daphna's Cheesecake Factory.

£250 or more

0 of 3 claimed

Pamper Party!

You can host your own pamper party. Bring up to 3 friends and we'll provide mocktails, cake and our very own zero waste experts to get your beauty routine whipped into shape. Try the products you've been wondering about and get £25 each to spend in store.

£500 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Olive Branch Initative - Business reward

We are a wealth of zero waste knowledge, so let us share the love with your staff. We will come to you and host an interactive discussion (we don't do death by powerpoint). The aim is to inspire them to bring zero waste principles into their lives and help you achieve those sustainability goals. This will NEVER be available for this price again, as it retails at around £750. *travel and expenses not included

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