Beauty Blend - Natural & Organic Beauty Products

Beauty Blend - Natural & Organic Beauty Products

Help launch a range of natural and organic beauty products to target dry skin, eczema, cellulite, stretch marks & acne leaving skin glowing.

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Whenever we have any skin related nightmares (acne, eczema, dry/irritated skin etc) we tend to suffocate our skin with chemicals in the hope that they will cure our skin problems.

This may work in the short-term but products full of chemicals and preservatives are unlikely to work in the long term. Beauty Blend products were created to solve this problem. There aren't many 100% natural & organic beauty products available that target specific skin issues.

Beauty Blend Products Include:

Coco Coffee Scrub:

A simple coffee scrub which smells AMAZING. The caffeine and coconut oil in this scrub work together to target acne, cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, dry skin....(pretty much everything) it leaves skin super soft and glowing!


Complexion Perfection Tea:

A Rooibos blend packed full of antioxidants and powerful ingredients to help target ageing, irritated skin, breakouts and uneven skin tone. Tea has been used for centuries for it's beautifying benefits, it makes the perfect addition to any beauty routine nourishing the skin from the inside out.


Gorgeous Glow Oil:

A skin enhancing oil to help revitalise and hydrate the skin.


We started Beauty Blend after one of our founders was extremely allergic to almost every single cosmetic/beauty product out there, she decided to turn to natural homemade cosmetics (and tea blends) and couldn't believe the difference it made to her skin. Instead of dry, dull & irritated skin, she was left with glowing, soft & healthy looking skin. We now want to share these products to help others see a difference to their skin in the same way.


Your money will be used to help launch Beauty Blend. Good quality organically certified ingredients are more pricey than cheaper chemical filled alternatives so some of the money raised will go into purchasing & manufacturing. We are already in the process of designing a gorgeous website but some money will go into website design. Packaging is very close to our hearts - we want our customers to be delighted when their package arrives so some of the money will go into packaging design. The rest of the money will go to boring things like legal, warehousing & admin costs.


You can check out our Instagram account @beauty_blend_tea or email us as if you have any questions at all.


Thank you for helping us build this brand! :)