I hope to achieve this qualification and get my business underway and soon offer well being to those deserving it.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I  am taking a beauty therapy course in Birmingham with the intention of taking the qualifications to set up a mobile beauty business to those who have suffered from illness and would like to be pampered. Perhaps as a result of a treatment they may have been left with body issues and find a beuaty salon intimidating and judemental. I wish to provide a little indulgence in their own home.

This fast track course is in Birmingham and I live in Aberystwyth, the furthest westerly point in mid wales and would need to travel to Birmingham once a week and stay over night for the twleve week course running From January to April.

I have estimated the cost of this with the budget hotel and train tickets to total £900 in return for your help I will give you a beauty treatment and even if you do not pledge anyone free on Thursday evenings in the Birmingham, Digbeth area from January to April and could be my model to practice on throughout the course I would be very greatful.