Building a Brewery: Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co.

We need your help so we can buy our own stainless steel brewing system to make the beer we love!!

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My name's Paul and I set up Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co. in 2015 with the aim of making interesting beer that's packed full of flavour. We make very hoppy IPAs; fruity pale ales; funky saisons; imperial coffee porters; English old ales, as well as anything else that takes our fancy. Being a small brewery gives us the chance to be creative, flexible and innovative within the incredibly exciting UK craft beer scene. 

Generation IPA (Chinook, Citra & Vic Secret hops) poured into our branded 2/3 pint stemmed beer glass

However, being a small 100% independent brewing company has its drawbacks. We do not own our own brewing system or have our own premises, and have so far been cuckoo/gypsy brewing on other breweries kits. Whilst we are thankful that we are able to do this, brewing this way means we are at the whims of other people's available capacity - which can be very unpredictable and infrequent. This means we are unable to supply our trade and wholesale customers with a regular supply of our beer.


We plan to use your pledges to buy our own brewing system that will allow us to make 1,000 litres of beer per brew. This UK manufactured stainless steel & varnished wood cladding brewery installation means we can brew up to 3 times per week - which would meet current demand as well as giving us capacity to increase our distribution. We will no longer need to keep customers waiting and we can get our kegged and bottled beer into pubs, bottle shops and restaurants near you much quicker!!

Dibble House (our American hopped kölsch lager) being poured at the Old Nun's Head Pub, Nunhead, London

If we reach our target, we will be able to acquire the following services and equipment, essential for a new brewery: hot liquor (water) tank with controllable digital temperature display/infusion mash tun/copper (boiling kettle), all insulated and clad in decorative varnished timber; full specification stainless steel plate heat exchanger with wall bracket; three stainless steel fermenting vessels with three identical stainless steel hygienic transfer pumps; hop filter and automatic underback; Clean in Place (CIP) system for fermenting vessels and copper; full installation; all brewery equipment in stainless steel; digital display and fully automated temperature controlled fermenting vessels, as well as all heaters, valves and pipework.

The 1,000 litre brewing system we plan to buy with your pledges


1) You will be supporting UK based manufacturers: as well as the brewery manufacturer and installation firm being UK based, we source the vast majority of our ingredients and packaging from local and UK wide companies where possible.

2) Contributing to the growth and success of a burgeoning craft beer scene: there has very rarely been a more exciting time in the history of UK and global beer. Your support will directly contribute to the continued innovation of beer.

3) The rewards we're offering are either of greater financial value than your pledge, or are exclusive to this crowdfunding project: not only do we include cool branded items (such as bottle openers, tote bags, beer mats and glassware) and mixed cases of our beer as rewards, but some of the items are exclusive to this specific crowdfunding project, and almost all of the rewards are of a greater retail value than the pledge... Nice!! 


The pledge value, rewards, and what's included can be seen on the right of this text, but we've described some of the items within the rewards in more detail below: 

  • YOUR NAME ON THE 'WALL OF FAME': We will immortalise your contribution to the brewery by including your name on our dedicated 'Wall of Fame' within the new brewery.

  • 1 YEAR'S SUPPLY OF BEER: We will send you an 11x 330ml mixed case of beer every two months for 12 months, which includes courier delivery. These cases will include our core range, as well as new beers and one-off limited releases. Each case will contain 1x branded beer glass.

  • MIXED CASE OF BEER:  Either an 11x 330ml bottle mixed case (Generation IPA, Beach Bum Pale Ale & Dibble House Lager) + courier delivery, or a 12x 330ml bottle mixed case (Generation IPA, Beach Bum Pale Ale & Dibble House lager). The individual rewards stipulate which one you will receive.

  • CASE OF AMERICAN KOLSCH LAGER: This case will contain twelve 330ml bottles of our American Kolsch Larger, Dibble House, which includes courier delivery in time for Christmas. 

  • SAMPLE PACK: 4x 330ml bottles sample pack (Generation IPA, Beach Bum Pale Ale & Dibble House Lager) + courier delivery.

  • BRANDED GLASSWARE: A stemmed 2/3 pint Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co. branded beer glass.

  • BRANDED BOTTLE OPENER: A stainless steel 6 inch Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co. branded bottle opener with 'brushed finish'.

  • BRANDED TOTE BAG: A 42cm x 37cm 100% natural cotton Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co. branded tote bag. Both Fair Trade certified and using eco-friendly standard ISO 14001 inks.

  • BRANDED BEER MATS: Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co. branded 90mm square heavy duty beer mats.

All rewards will be delivered in November if the funding campaign is successful* - perfect for festive drinks or Christmas presents!! 

*No money shall leave your account until the end of the fundraising period. If a project for which you have made a pledge is not funded by the end of the fundraising period, your pledge will be cancelled automatically.

You can find out more about us and our beer in an article by one of the UK's leading beer writers here

You can also keep track of updates through Twitter @BeatnikzRep 

Thanks for reading and we hope to get one of our beers in your hand soon - cheers!!

Paul Greetham

Founder & Brewer | Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co.