Beastmaster Pet Care Services

Beastmaster Pet Care Services

To raise funds to buy a fully fitted out animal transport vehicle to ensure the pets we work with are safe, happy and secure in transit.

We did it!

On 4th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £1,620 with 50 supporters in 42 days

Howdy, I'm Danny. This all got started when my dog, Jake, passed away last year and I realised I was hugely unprepared for how much I'd miss him. Circumstances didn't allow me to get another dog, so instead I readily, happily, even pathetically, began helping any and all friends and family who'd let me look after their pets. This went from occasional dog walks to regular house/dog sitting, to cat feeding visits and everything in between. It's become something of a vocation for me now, and I'm trying to find a way to make it the main thing I do in life. That requires an animal friendly van, basically, which is what this funding appeal is aimed at. I discovered a long time ago that I like animals far more than people, and can't think of a finer way to spend my remaining years than helping walk, exercise, train, feed, transport and care for the pets of Glasgow. I've tried a lot of things in my time, but it turns out this is what I'm best at. Any extra funds raised through this appeal will be distributed to deserving animal charities, both in Glasgow and abroad (I have a soft spot for Galgos del Sol in Spain). 

If successful, this appeal will mean I can both earn a living doing what I love and also become a new asset to help the many animal charities and rescue centres around Glasgow make sure their animals get where they need to be and receive the care they deserve. I'll be volunteering my services as a trusted animal transport service free of charge to any charitable organisation that needs my help. 

So, here's a chance to contribute to a new business that will create a valuable community asset, eventually lead to employment opportunities and also make a real difference to the already magnificent animal welfare community in Glasgow and beyond.

This funding appeal is to buy an animal friendly van for Beastmaster Pet Care Services. Securing an appropriate vehicle will allow the business to truly take wings (paws, pads etc). The aim is to raise £5000 which would be enough to pay for a second hand animal transport van that has been fully kitted out with crates, ventilation, air conditioning etc to ensure any animals would be safe, comfortable and secure.

Beastmaster Pet Care Services will offer reliable, trustworthy and affordable solutions to busy, conscientious pet owners in the Glasgow South and East Renfrewshire areas.

The welfare of our pets is a top priority for animal lovers but we can’t always be there for them 24 hours a day. Beastmaster Pet Care Services ensures continuity of care for the animals in your life, be they dogs, cats, little furry or feathery things or even scaly, scary things.

From regular, daily dog walks to occasional cat/small pet feeding and visits, we’ll be there when you can’t be to make sure the animals you love are cared for, entertained, exercised and socialised just the way you want them to be.This includes dog walking, both in groups or solo, up to three times a day, visiting/feeding cats and other small pets when you're on holiday, puppy socialisation and basic obedience training and a pet taxi service for vet visits, grooming etc.

In addition to feeding and caring for your pets, we offer extra services when you're on holiday such as emptying bins, security checks, opening/closing blinds and curtains, tending to plants and light shopping if required.Overnight house/pet sitting is also available.

We know that pets are part of the family, and we want you to know they'll be cared for by experienced, reliable animal lovers who will always put the welfare of the pets in their care first.We’d do this for free if we could. (We can’t though, sorry).

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