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We are opening a quick service restaurant for all those that care about their fitness and wellbeing. We need your help to get off the ground

by Sam - BeastEats founder in Canterbury, England, United Kingdom


Healthy living is not a trend - it's a movement, and we're aiming to be on the front line fighting all the misleading products and information that is rife in the health and fitness industry. 

We are opening a quick service restaurant with one clear goal; to provide you with the food you need to achieve your fitness/health/body goals in the most convenient way ever. Convenience is a massive factor in our decision making when it comes to eating when we're on our lunch break or out shopping. Imagine if your favourite fast food restaurant was actually extremely nutritious and healthy plus it actually aided in your goal of being that super-ripped guy that everyone is jealous of in the gym, or that busy mum that somehow fits in a 5k treadmill run in between school runs and work. Well that is our mission statement, and not by filling our menu with misleading 'super-foods', sugary bars of granola or zero calorie grass sandwiches. Juicy and delicious burgers, wraps, protein pizzas and chicken and waffles - that's more our style. How can this be healthy food? Education is a massive part of our vision, all the calorific contents are visibly there to see when making your choice as well as macros and micro-nutrient content. Plus we will have an onsite nutritionist available by appointment to find you the perfect meal plan. Our staff will be able to recommend a meal straight from our menu that will fit in with your diet. Are you vegan? Doing the paleo diet? Keto? Low carb? Or just in Beast Mode and trying to stack on as much muscle as possible...whatever your diet and whatever your fitness goal, we are the future of bringing convenient, good food choices to you and we can also set you up with a meal plan delivered to your door so you don't even have to cook at home! So put down that sugary bar of super-grains and help us achieve our goal of helping your body look and feel super.

What we need

Firstly we need a home, rents and rates in the areas we are looking (Canterbury, London, Medway) are not exactly competitive or helpful for start ups, so any help getting this beast a home is more than welcome.

Secondly the start up costs of the equipment is more manageable but still a challenge.

We also believe that successful businesses immerse themselves in the local area and its surroundings, this includes the people. We aim to recruit in Canterbury offering roles in customer facing, food handling, delivery driving, marketing and promotions. Local sports clubs and gyms will of course be entitled to exclusive treats and discounts.

So if you train in anyway, care about your fitness and health even just a tiny bit, or you just love good food then support our cause and within a year we could be caring about your health just as much as you do 


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£1 Teamwork makes the dream work!

The feeling of immense joy that you are contributing to the start of a high-street revolution

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Your name on our 'wall of pledge'. Once you've helped BeastEats we do not forget, and your name will forever be emblazoned on our restaurant wall art.

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Free BeastEats meal for one

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Name one of our burgers! Give it your own name or just call it Burgy McBurgerface. It will keep this name for the length of each menu (seasonal). Also a free meal for 2 and gym t-shirts

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Get Your Own Pizza On The Menu

Create and name a pizza on our menu! Want to impress a date? Name a pizza after yourself and suavely order yourself from the menu. Fool proof plan.

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BeastEats hyper discount card, for life. Crazy savings. Oh plus a free BeastEats meal for a party of 5.

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I Love BeastEats

You're going to heaven, probably. But not before we've helped you live a long and healthy life. You will get yourself a BeastEats hyper discount card, a free meal a week for 6 months and free meal plan and training plan of your choice custom designed for your needs.

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