Beach Guardian Remove & Reuse Plastics for 1 Year

The Beach Guardian will co-ordinate voluntary beach cleans in Cornwall; collect, sort, record and reuse plastics for educational activities

We did it!

On 9th Jun 2018 we successfully raised £9,108 with 67 supporters in 54 days

Plastic waste in the ocean set to treble within next 10 years. The Beach Guardian CIC has been created due to the need within our community to tackle the issue of plastics. We will engage with over 1,000 volunteers of all ages in our first 12 months. The plastics collected from local beaches are then used to deliver Educational Activities with primary schools and other events and we will share our message with 5,000 children in our first 12 months. We will empower everyone with the knowledge of the effects that Single Use Plastics have on our environment.

Since January 2018 we have been organising Beach Cleans with local communities. 

The project’s aims and objectives include:  

  • More regular, organised, community Beach Cleans
  • School Educational Events to discuss the impact on local beaches and seas from plastics in the oceans
  • To do art installations using plastics found washed up on local beaches to raise awareness
  • To sort and record what is collected and then to clean it to use for Schools Educational Visits

In January, 5 beach cleans were organised, attended by 136 people, with over 150 bags of plastics cleared from four beaches. All of the plastics we collect are sorted and cleaned for educational school sessions.


This month, in April, 8 beach cleans were organised, attended by 200 people with over 100kg of plastics removed from our beaches.

This campaign will raise money to ensure that a full time, trained, Marine Biologist and co-founder of the Beach Guardian CIC, Emily Stevenson, can be employed full time to focus on these objectives and deliver the targets outlined in the introduction.

Thanks for your interest in the Campaign. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our beach cleans or meeting one of your children at one of our educational events in 2018/19, like this one!

You can choose one of our Plastic Awareness T-Shirts as one of our rewards. Pledge £21 and we will contact you to confirm which design and size and your address so we can post one to you...

You can also now make your own "Plastic Art" by pledging £10 we will send you an 18cm square deep frame and 25 pieces of random plastic. Here are a few examples of things people have made:


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