Beach Guardian Nurdle Sand Sifting Trommel Machine

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We did it
On 29th October 2018 we successfully raised £1,123 with 18 supporters in 28 days

We want to fund our own Trommel Machine for Beach Guardian volunteers to remove nurdles and microplastics from the sand on our local beaches

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New stretch target

We would be able to have two machines, one we could loan out to other organisations and community groups.

Nurdle make sand sifting trommel machines, to aid in unearthing buried plastic from the sand. They focus specifically on micro-plastic nurdles, as these tiny plastic pellets cause havoc on our wildlife and beach cleaning communities find these particular plastic pests the hardest to recover.

Their sieves are specifically designed to remove as much plastic as possible whilst leaving all the sand and as much organic matter on the beach. 


Beach Guardian CIC organises community beach cleans in Cornwall and we would like to raise enough money to purchase our own machine to enable our volunteers to remove as many of these microplastics and nurdles as possible.

Made from stainless steel and lightweight aluminium, the barrel is welded together with 6 support bars and an end piece, making it super lightweight and strong. The barrel has a handle attached to the end, for ease of use, and a microplastic emptying hatch; allowing everything under 5mm to drop out into a collection bucket with a couple of spins. The guards are also made from aluminium and are extremely easy to attach and detach to reduce storage space or when using in high winds.


Built by The Joshua Tree Project the construction of these sieves provide volunteering, internship and employment opportunities for those with learning difficulties, disabilities or mental health issues.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Pledge - With Thanks

Thanks for making a donation of £20. Your donation and pledge of support means a great deal to us and we will (if you want us to) personally mention you on social media

£50 or more

Beach Guardian 'Lab' Visit

Visit to our Lab. For £50 you and your business, family and / or friends can spend two hours in our 'Lab' in Padstow, looking at what we have found on beach cleans. You could help us sort and survey, or you could do an art workshop and "Create Recycled Art from Beachlitter"

£100 or more

Sponsor a Beach Clean

Sponsor a Beach Clean - bring your staff, family and friends to a beach clean with Beach Guardian and use the Trommel yourself.

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