Beach Craft Spirits

We're launching the first craft rum distillery in the North of Scotland. Join our Beach Craft Spirits' journey by crowdfunding us.

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We're launching the first craft rum distillery in the North of Scotland

Beach Craft Spirits is an exciting new craft rum distillery based along the Moray coast in Scotland. Moray is a fantastic hub for craft produce and supports five craft breweries and three craft gin distilleries in the heart of the Speyside whisky region. Such support for new and exciting produce, sets Beach Craft Spirits in a prime position for developing a range of rums.

About us

Beach Craft Spirits is operated by the Beach family who live in Hopeman.

David is a university trained brewer and distiller with 16 years' experience in the drinks industry. He has developed many beers for the craft beer industry and has never been afraid of pushing the boundaries of what is possible to create unique flavours.

Lara is a university educated professional in the health care sector where her forte is paperwork and customer interface. They have complimentary skills and drive each other towards success.

David has had a passion for distilling coursing through his veins for generations (his great grandfather was a brewer in the Midlands) and with experience in flavour development, can produce quality unique products for customers to savour and enjoy.

David says: "It was the drinks' industry that brought me to Moray, working for one of the large distilling companies. I realised that my passion was in the craft industry and that I wanted to use my knowledge in this area for the business.

"My goal is to create a range of drinks to emcompass the beach lifestyle that everyone loves. From the first sip reminding your of dipping your toes in the rock pool through to saving that last drop reminiscing about the sunsets. A relaxing drink for you to share with your friends and family - It's a shore thing...

"The beach is where I feel most at home. It is a place where worries drift away like the retreating tide. It relaxes me and I take enjoyment from using it's gorgeous natural beauty whether it be kite surfing, stand - up paddleboarding, beachcombing, family days at the beach, snorkelling, swimming, or bbqs, the list is endless."

Beach Craft Spirits Rums

We will be launching with three rums to start with. These are a Spiced Rum, an Intense Rum and a Sloe Rum.

Spiced Rum

The Spiced Rum will have a distinct "citrus and spice and all things nice" flavour. This could be enjoyed straight,  on ice, or with your favourite mixer. Add to coffee for an interesting twist whilst it turns hot chocolate into a different animal!

"The Spiced Rum is like a beach party in the sighs of an evening with the log fire and sea spray in the air."

Intense Rum 

An intense rum with a unique blend of fruit, coffee and liquorice to savour the complexities within. This is your after dinner treat to yourself, to be appreciated straight or with ice. 

"It's a bold and sophisicated drink with a rich and interesting character."

Sloe Rum

A Sloe rum which will be an interesting twist on a gin classic. Refreshingly balanced between sweet and fruity which can be enjoyed straight, or with crushed ice, in a cocktail or with lemonade or tonic.

"An interesting and sophisticated twist on a gin classic."

We're crowdfunding - you can be part of the Beach Craft story too

You can become a very important part of Beach Craft Spirits by choosing to crowdfund us. We have seven exclusive packages for backers ranging from £15 to £1000. The various packages include items such as bottles of our new rums, launch party tickets, personal tours of the distillery, Beach Craft glasses, hoodies, t-shirts and exclusively for the top tier a 3 year old aged limited edition rum in a driftwood presentation case. See packages for further details.

We have chosen crowdfunding as a finance option because we want the community to be involved. We would prefer to give back to people who have supported us than banks and lenders. Our packages have been carefully thought out to provide excellent value as a heartfelt thank you for contributing to our project.

What do we plan to do with the crowdfunding?

Now that we have secured premises and have applied for our distillers' licence, this is now the time for getting the distillery the way that we need it to be.

Your funds are going to help provide two 250L copper alembic pot stills for our distillation, three 500L fermentation vessels as well as three 250L infusion vessels. Packaging will not be missed out so we will get a four head vacuum bottling machine and labeller to ensure the product gets to you in the best quality it can be in.

We will be producing our rums from natural raw materials, so you can be guaranteed the quality of the final product. 100% traceable. 


Please look at our website, Facebook page, Twitter @BeachCraftABV and Instagram as we will be updating you regularly with blogs and vlogs of our adventures at Beach Craft Spirits.

Look forward to you joining our Beach Craft Spirits' Journey. #aShoreThing

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