Beach Bootcamp Spain

Beach Bootcamp Spain

I´m Patrick and my mission is to make British Ex-pats in Spain fit! 

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My name is Patrick and my mission is to make British Ex-pats fit!

I served 8 years in the British military with 2 tours of Afghanistan. During my service i became obsessed with health and fitness, i loved to help people in their fitness journey.

Once my army life came to an end i knew i wanted to be a personal trainer. With my qualification and a move to Alicante in Spain i noticed a gap in the market. Whilst many people here enjoy going to the gym, there was a distinct lack of outdoor group sessions. With my army background i knew i could deliver a challenging and diverse bootcamp style fitness group to the local expat community.

In April 2015 i launched NSU Fitcamp on the sandy beaches of Campoamor in The southern region of the Costa Blanca South. The website launched at the same time to also advertise the fitcmp as well as my personal training sessions. You can see it here.

The feedback from sessions has been overwhelmingly great. The word has spread in this community and my Beach Bootcamp is here to stay! I now need help to make it grow.

I try to make every session as different as possible and cater to all ages and fitness levels.

My mission now is to make this into a proper business and for that i need some help.

I need to spread the word further and expand my brand up and down the coast of the Costa Blanca! There are over 85,000 Brits living in this region of spain and i want there to be a NSU Beach Fitcamp near them! If this went nationwide my market is over 850,000 brits, as well as a large German, Nordic and russian community that speak very good english that can also be targeted.

My vision for the future is to have a fully operational bootcamp with a memorable brand and franchise it to other personal trainers in the area.

I can also see a weekend retreat catered to groups for a getaway with a fitness twist. More and more people are steering away from regular alcohol fueled stag and hen parties. I plan to cater to those who want to relax in the sun and get some great exercise and health advice in one!

As you can see, i have plans beyond just a weekly bootcamp and this is where i need help. 

I plan to use the money to advertise and get the word spread in the UK for the weekend retreats. Some will also be spent on advertising in Spain for the weekly bootcamps. I will invest some money to streamline the website and have functions where you can book online.

I would like to visit some health and fitness expos in the UK which will cost about 1,000 GBP. I believe that this would be a great place to launch my brand in the UK.

I would also like to expand my instagram following and facebook page as well as other social media, which i would like to outsource.

If you have any questions then  it would be great if contacted me.

Thanks for reading