Be the change

Be the change

To provide food, clothing and shelter for Calais refugees

We did it!

On 1st Oct 2015 we successfully raised £55 with 5 supporters in 28 days

Project aim

To provide food, clothing and shelter for Calais refugees

About the project

Ever get the feeling like you can't do enough? I've woken up day after day to see tragedy and death all over the world, but this past few weeks, reports of hundreds of thousands of refugees terrified, fleeing their country for a better life and it ending in tragedy is breaking my heart.

This is happening to people less fortunate than us, children and babies are dying purely because they want the chance of a better life, a life many of us take for granted.

THIS ISN'T ABOUT WEATHER THEY BELONG HERE OR NOT...they are people, scared human beings and they have nowhere to go and nothing besides the clothes on their backs.

I have donated as many clothes and as much money as I can but cant help but feel like it's not enough. I URGE everyone to donate anything they can but if you don't have any spare clothes then this is where the Internet can be used for some good for once. 

I'm looking to raise £200 to provide the families effected with essentials they need to survive the cold days and wet nights.

Sleeping bags and tents

Sanitary products/toiletries

First aid kits


Warm clothes

Tinned food and bottledwater.

Once the 14 days are over I will select one person who has donated and send you the embroidery hoop (display picture) I have made as a thank you :)



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