Helping Young People Be The Best They Can Be!

Helping Young People Be The Best They Can Be!

To digitise our 'Be the Best you can Be' programme so every child in Great Britain can access it and benefit from it.

We did it!

On 28th May 2017 we successfully raised £1,120 with 15 supporters in 56 days

Our Belief

We believe that there is a spark of greatness in every young person – something special and unique that as adults, we have an amazing opportunity and responsibility to nurture and develop. Our ultimate dream is to support young people to grow into happy, engaged, thoughtful citizens, helping to make the world all it can be – meaningful, peaceful and productive.

Our Plan... It's Already In Action!

We have developed a programme called ‘Be the Best you can Be!’ that helps young people:

  • Develop dreams and aspirations that are meaningful to them
  • Know how to set goals and want to work to achieve them both in and out of school
  • Understand the link between effort and achievement
  • Increase confidence and resilience
  • Understand how their brain works and how to get the best out of themselves
  • Learn to understand each other better, work together and collaborate

For many young people, particularly those from less privileged backgrounds, school is little more than a testing and exam factory that has scant relevance to their lives. Through our programme, they are challenged to set goals and become aware of how to utilise school as a way to achieve their goals and dreams. This helps to close the attainment gap which is one of the reasons why Be the Best you can Be! is so pertinent to the Opportunity Areas recently set up by the Department of Education. By linking our programme to each school’s unique aspirations, we also support and challenge staff to be the best that they can be. Schools achieve outcomes, staff continue to develop, and students realise their potential. Everybody wins! 

We are thrilled that to date, more than 210,000 children from Primary and Secondary Schools across the country have benefited from the programme, which runs for 6-9 months and can be evolved and repeated year on year. The feedback we have received has inspired us to dream big. To dream of reaching all 8.2 million children in schools across the UK.

To take that step we need to digitise our programme!

And to do that, we really need you! We are looking to raise a minimum of £60k to develop and maintain an App that will accompany our programme, help us reach more young people, be more agile and responsive and ultimately reduce the cost of the programme for schools. 

Who are we?

We are a committed team comprising Olympic Champions, Olympic performance coaches and sport psychologists with a deep passion and expertise for helping people achieve their potential and helping to make the world a happier, healthier place for all.

  • David Hemery CBE – Founder of 21st Century Legacy, Former Vice-Chairman of the British Olympic Association, 1968 Mexico City 400m Hurdles Olympic Champion and world record. Author of ‘Helping Children Find the Champion Within Themselves’ and ‘Sporting Excellence: What Makes a Champion?’ David has spent his life teaching in schools, Universities and management development and his vision is at the heart of our charity. 
  • Keith Antoine – Elite performance coach in business and athletics. Worldwide business coach enhancing performance at all levels of the organisation. Former GB National sprints coach. Current GB Paralympic sprints coach. Personal coach to the 3 fastest blade runners in the world. 
  • Katie Warriner – Senior performance psychology coach with Team GB. Katie has worked with Olympic, World and European champions in a variety of different sports and helped individuals and business improve performance, team work and well-being. 
  • Jo Wonnacott – Brilliant, multi-talented Programme Manager. The mastermind behind our programme being in over 1,000 schools and engaging over 210,000 students. She is also the only known living person who can control the above 3 people without using a very pointy stick!


We have been blown away by the feedback we have received so far. Here are a few examples and you can read more on our website.

“Thank you for bringing this programme to the forefront of British Education. In every regard it has been a refreshing journey for everyone to be involved in such a positive initiative that has influenced the mindset of a whole school.” Primary School Head Teacher.

“Since we went on the Be The Best You Can Be programme I enjoy lessons much more and look forward to coming to school because I think it is important to me achieving my life dreams. I could say I want to try harder now because I think I can make a great life for myself.” Secondary School pupil

“A boy in year 6 whose writing was just below the age related expectation has made the equivalent of one year’s progress in 60 days. When I asked him, “What has made the difference?” he explained that having clear goals in his book from following BTBYCB has given him a map to follow.” Primary School Teacher. 

And we know we have so much more to offer!

You can read more reviews about the impact of our programme from primary schools here:

From secondary schools here:

From teachers here:

And from young people here:

Our programme has also been proven to help schools fulfil the Ofsted standards in the new inspection framework including the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development Theme.

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