Be Prepared by Ian Bonar

Be Prepared by Ian Bonar

Be Prepared by Ian Bonar is coming to VAULT Festival 2018 and we need your help.

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On 31st Jan 2018 we successfully raised £165 with 9 supporters in 42 days

Be Prepared by Ian Bonar is coming to VAULT Festival 2018 and we need your help.

Following a successful run at Underbelly, Edinburgh Fringe 2016, Ian Bonar and Rob Watt collaborate once again to bring Be Prepared to VAULT Festival 2018. Be Prepared is a darkly comic story exploring memory, grief and how we remember things. Inspired by Ian Bonar’s own experiences of his father’s death and subsequently finding his grandad’s cherished memoires, Bonar uses his grandad’s words, some verbatim and some embellished. This one-man show captures the millions of tiny emotions and confusions that ambush you when you lose someone.

Rehearsals are about to begin, but we need your support for this final stretch! Your donation will help bring Be Prepared back to life; including marketing, lighting and PR. We'd love for you to be a part of this exciting project and would be so grateful for any support you can offer.

We are incredibly passionate and excited to share this “gloriously funny”, “deeply moving” and “unforgettable” show with a London audience at an awesome festival. From January 24th to March 18th, over three hundred new shows explode across a festival of festivals in Waterloo. With new venues, new bars, new food and plenty of surprises, VAULT 2018 is the biggest, fairest platform in London for artists to present innovative, daring work.

We were so grateful for the exceptional amount of support when we had to get us to Edinburgh. Now, we just need a wee bit to push us over the line. Please read more about the show below and support in any way you can. We have been working hard to make some tweaks to the show and can’t wait for you to see it.

Thank You.

Rob & Ian


People would move seats on the bus. But I can’t get on the bus cos I’m waiting for this old man to call.”

Tom’s a mess. Mr Chambers keeps phoning asking for a Funeral Director. Tom is not a Funeral Director.  This is how getting one digit wrong can change a person’s life, forever.

Conversations become confused. Memories start to intertwine and unravel, and two strangers unwittingly help each other to un-forget and connect to the people they loved, in this ‘gloriously funny’, ‘wonderfully human’ and ‘magnetic’ solo show.  

Ian comments, Death is funny, right? When I found my Grandad’s journal it was fascinating and heart-breaking to see his memories literally disintegrate on the page as his mind began to fail him, and it made me think about my Dad, about what I wanted to forget about his death and the things I desperately wanted to remember about his life. Why could I remember every detail of the hilariously awful experience of going to the local Funeral Director (with whom my family nearly shared a phone number) but struggled to conjure up the sound of his voice? And as Rob and I made the show we learned that grief is both the most specific, individual, private experience - and the most beautifully universal thing that we should all maybe share a bit more... 


We have a great team behind the show.

Written & Performed by Ian Bonar - Ian was one of nine writers in the Orange Tree Writers Collective 2016 and the previous alumnus of a Royal Court invitational writers group

Directed and Dramaturged by Rob Watt – Rob is an Associate at Headlong Theatre, lead artist at Lyric Hammersmith, and artist mentor at the Barbican.

Sound Design by Alex Crispin – Alex is a composer, musician and producer who has made work for clients including the BBC, Royal Academy of Arts, Northern Film & Media, the RSC and the National Trust

Lighting Design by Charlie Morgan Jones – Charlie is a critically acclaimed lighting designer His work spans the full theatrical spectrum, from multiple musical productions to the West End, immersive theatre and opera on the National and International stage.


“Tender, funny and full of impossible hope. My advice, See this show.” – TAMSIN GREIG

‘A terrific piece of work, I loved it.’ – ANTHONY HOROWITZ

★ ★ ★ ★ “Ian Bonar is an extraordinary talent and has created a piece of theatre that is powerful, engaging and truthful” – THE LIST

★ ★ ★ ★ “Quietly moving” – THE STAGE

★ ★ ★ ★ “Unforgettable. Gripping. Hilarious” – BROADWAY BABY

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