Be part of the Womenomics success in Pakistan.

by Shehryar Shah in London, England, United Kingdom

Be part of the Womenomics success in Pakistan.


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Shehryar is embarking on a mission to enable Economic Women Empowerment in Pakistan, for Women looking to upskill and upscale.

by Shehryar Shah in London, England, United Kingdom

Let's do something amazing together!

Whys and Wherefores: 

  • I am a father of two daughters and brother to three sisters. Anyone who is close to me knows why Women Empowerment is very personal and close to my heart and took me to California for few years; as well as the fact that it is one of the key 'Do-More" and prioritized Global Sustainable Development goals.
  • After years of cheering from the fence and some cringing (a lot of!), I have decided to become the Quarterback; however cannae do it without you. No matter where in the world you are, you can all participate and support me through becoming a Success Partner and be part of the story. Let's do the right thing, the right way, achieving the right outcome, together!

Vision and Mission

  • is a multi-services platform startup empowering Women in Pakistan to upskill and upscale through virtual and on-campus instructor-led and interactive training and career counselling 'Success Programs' covering high in-demand skills enabling them to start earning money online from the safety and comfort of their home as a freelancer, virtual assistant or remote corporate employee.
  •’s aim is to provide a world class platform and ecosystem for women in Pakistan and beyond, and become the 'Go-To' place for women where they could either learn new skills or enhance existing capabilities and find remote working opportunities or launch their own home-based business selling products and services on our dedicated platforms to become financially independent. Please have a look at our 'Secret Sauce' slide for further details.


How will we Use the Money Raised? 
Money raised will be used primarily for two components key success components: 

  • To build our technology platform and the supporting systems and infrastructure
  • Digital and conventional marketing and related engagements  

Appreciate your help and support in this matter.

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