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You can help me on my path to being a Formula 1 world champion. I'm 13 yrs old and I'm investing in perfect practice with the best tutors.

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You can help me on my path to being a Formula 1 world champion. I'm 13 yrs old and I'm investing in perfect practice with the best tutors.

Help me become a formula 1 world champion 

I've been karting since the age of 8, I went for my birthday on a arrive and drive and instantly found I had a natural talent for Karting I lapped my friends 3 times in one ten minute session.

I nagged and nagged my farther to take me karting again and again, in the end he decided it would be cheaper to but a second hand kart.

The problem was we could never get the engine to start, which is an essential part of karting, so we bought and old Honda engine and strapped it on, I won the winter series!

We came to the conclusion we needed a proper engine so we purchased one of the first Iame two stroke engines. We were booked into race in Rissington, we hired a motor home was no available hotels.

Two weeks before we were to go to Rissington my mum broke her ankle and the following weekend two feet of snow fell My dad and I dug our shelves out put mum in the Jeep a and ploughed through the snow. On arrival at Rissington which is on top of a wind swept mountain we discovered the heating did not work in our Mobile home and we froze all night. I didn't win but the people in the kart club were so friendly and hooked us up to electricity so we could have heat.

I have since joined SPR karting team and moved out of cadets and into Mini Max, this has been a huge learning curve for me and I improved my driving and racing skills. Karting is a lot more complicated and technical than I could of ever imagined!

In one race I did an over taking manoeuvre which went wrong and I ended leaving the track and crashing into the barriers at over 50mph. Two ambulances were brought onto the track, they checked I could move all my essential parts finger and toes. Once they were happy I was not badly hurt they walked me into one of the ambulances and assessed me, the crew cam to the conclusion I had not broken anything just badly jolting my knee and Thema.

I was driven back to the teams awning and once settled my dad went to get my kart, all the steering parts and chasis was bent. All the team mechcancis ran over to help, re jiging and rebuilding my kart by replacing all the components. Half an hour later after the kart being re scrutineered I was sitting in the pit lane waiting to race.

I over took three kart’s!

I have learnt from karting how to keep pushing and to try and exceed people expectations, as long as I keep learning and keep practising with lots of time in the seat the wins will come. Even though a lot of my competitors are my friends as soon as we put our helmets on they become the competition.

The crash knocked me, more than I thought but I have come through it and Im ready to win!!

My ambition is to be a formula 1 world champion and my next step is to go to the international Dubai “o” plate. This will drive my career forward and be a major learning curve.

This is where I need your help, to give me a better chance of coming back with the trophy! Your pledge will help to get more practice sessions and tuition in Dubai and take me a step closer to an F1 career.



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