Construction of the "school of crafts"

by Fabio Surleti in Ivory Coast

Construction of the "school of crafts"
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

"the school of crafts" a high school that starts the boys at work learning new trades and specializing in various craft activities

by Fabio Surleti in Ivory Coast


The Bandafalò Cultural Association was established on May 4, 2004 at Reggio Calabria(Italy). 

Bandafalò was initially founded as a cultural association to defend the territory, aimed at achieving objectives such as: combating degradation and environmental exploitation; the revaluation of often degraded natural corners of paradise; the protection and diffusion of the Calabrian identity, its traditions, its values and its history; the enhancement of the cultural, artistic and linguistic peculiarities of the southern regions of Italy; the rediscovery of food and wine products typical of our land, in order to preserve and not let the ancient flavors and culinary traditions that have always distinguished us disappear;  the promotion of social aggregation among young people and the creation of new conditions for cultural enrichment and social development. 

The first years of the association's life have been characterized by a series of itinerant socio-cultural activities, from which a tour of events took place along different beaches of the Calabrian Tyrrhenian coast, Corners of paradise and beautiful beaches, often abandoned to themselves, degraded and unknown, were chosen by the Association, week by week, as a setting for the setting of their events. These appointments have given the opportunity to many people to know, appreciate - and later to frequent assiduously - such sites, reclaimed by members of the Association only with the means and resources of the same. 

The force of music, theater and cinema come together year after year in a series of very numerous events. The collaboration with other associations and the great consensus of the population make the atmosphere very special and pleasant, involving in great harmony a large number of people. A mix of shows, artistic and theatrical representations, tastings, has always marked the rhythm of the summers of BandaFalò.

After a few years the association has turned its attention to issues and objectives that go beyond the local area, including its own the realization of humanitarian projects both nationally and internationally, such as social and health assistance to the populations and disadvantaged communities of the world, financing and construction of schools, water wells, dispensaries, hospitals. 

The experience accumulated over years of activity, the increased sense of awareness of their potential, the consensus gained among citizens and local institutions, has given life to the members of Bandafalò, who have decided to set their future in symbiosis with the aims of the Association, identifying their projects in respect for nature, protecting the environment, spreading the culture and traditions of the South, in the implementation of volunteer projects in support of the most needy.


It all began in February 2007 when, in the former President of the Association, I went to Ivory Coast following a three-month humanitarian mission. Immediately, I felt a special love for those stupendous people who, despite being scourged by wars, misery and poverty, succeed with a smile to transmit strong emotions, which often provoke, in those who come face to face with a reality so profoundly different from ours, a radical change in the way we see and understand life. Dedicating myself to those people, moving among the poorest villages, giving smiles, love, perhaps offering some gifts, I realized that this was not enough to help those people concretely and durably, and that's when I thought about the involvement of BandaFalò . Back in Italy, we decided to include the realization of humanitarian projects in Africa among the aims of the Association. 

We chose a camp called Scerie, a very poor village located near the town of Abengourou and populated, for the most part, by immigrants from Burkina Faso, who lead an existence to the limits of survival. In the camp, even water was missing and its inhabitants traveled even more than five kilometers to collect it, finding, however, only stagnant water, a cause of often deadly diseases. So the first goal was to reorganize a well abandoned for years, thus restoring drinking water to the entire village. Later, we started the project of building a primary school, because we are convinced that, after water and food, the most important thing for the children of the village is the school, because there is no future without education. The school was also the starting point to ensure that the camp was legally recognized as a real village: from there began a concrete path of growth and a path towards an ever greater recognition, protection and defense of human rights. Our missions are always characterized by continuous joys, especially given by our children, and by difficulties and sorrows due to the persistence of many serious problems that have always afflicted the community. Hunger, misery, very poor sanitary conditions, sanitary structures to say the least non-existent (at least for those who do not have the money to treat themselves) are the daily cause of death even for a trivial infection. 

How can we remain indifferent to this? We are not capable of it, and we will never be ...

 "What we do is a drop of water in the ocean, but it gives more meaning to our life ... Because hope is not a dream, but a way of translating the dreams in reality ... "

During the previous missions the Banda Falò cultural association has completed the following projects :

  • A primary school attended today by more than 250 children,
  • Six accommodations to accommodate teachers,
  • Two wells of water that guarantee drinking water to the whole village and to the neighboring villages,
  • A school canteen that guarantees a meal a day for all the children attending school,
  • Construction of the first part of the missionary house, a structure that will allow anyone who wants to have a volunteer experience and help to realize our projects.


The next mission involves the construction of a school of crafts, ie a high school where boys and girls can learn specialize in various craft activities.

Until today all humanitarian projects are financed almost entirely thanks to the activities organized by the Bandafalò Cultural Association. The funds raised and allocated to the projects are brought to Africa, and managed there, by us personally to ensure water, food, health and education and improve the living conditions of the local populations, respecting their cultures and traditions and with the intent to make them autonomous, so that once the projects are finished they can go forward with their own strength.

This time we decided to expand our ways to raise money and that's how we want to try crowd funding here. The goal of £ 50000 is a dream for us, of course, we'll take we'll get, and at eighth we'll start with the next .

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