Bushley Cricket Club Pavilion Rebuild

by Bushley Cricket Club in Bushley, England, United Kingdom

Bushley Cricket Club Pavilion Rebuild


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Flexible funding – this project will receive all pledges made by 15th March 2021 at 3:02pm

We need to build a new pavilion to meet our players' needs, and to maintain the club's position at the centre of village life.

by Bushley Cricket Club in Bushley, England, United Kingdom

Then & Now:  The cricket club is central to village life here in Bushley.  The club was founded in 1892 and today we have thriving men's and women's teams and want to ensure this continues by investing in and improving the pavilion to attract and retain players and visitors by providing the facilities needed.


The Pavilion:  If you have visited the pavilion recently you’ll know that it’s getting a bit tired damp and needs a bit of work. Last rebuilt in the 1960s with an estimated lifespan of 50 years, it’s done well but is getting old and tired and is beginning to fail. Looking at the work necessary to bring the clubhouse up to modern standards, we’ve realised that that we need to rebuild rather than refurbish and are in desperate need of your support to provide a facility we can all be proud of and want to use for at least the next 50 years.  


The Club: The cricket club itself is in good health, thanks to additional support at First Friday drinks, croquet tournaments, burger nights, quiz nights, beer festivals, the bluebell walk, and the Bushley Mile to name a few.  We have already made a good start but need to raise a lot more.


CIO: We are in the process of converting into a “Charitable Incorporated Organisation” (CIO) which we hope will help the club last at least another 130 years.  ‘Public Benefit’ is a key part of this, and we want to encourage more village use of the club.  Pre Covid-19, alongside cricket,  the club facilities have been used regularly by various groups for craft workshops, circuit training, calligraphy and others, and we would love more of you to make use of this resource.


The Project:  The cricket club has long been a key part of Bushley and is much more than just a sporting venue.  By improving the pavilion this should provide an attractive venue in an outstanding location bringing further value to the village and surrounding areas.  We want to be sure that the new building continues to serve the village providing more than changing-rooms and a roller shed.  We love our traditional wooden pavilion and want to retain this character whilst bringing it up to modern standards.


How Crowdfunder can help:  So, as you’ve probably guessed we’re going to need help to get this done, funding is key and we can get additional funding by using Crowdfunder.  This works on a match funding basis so the more money that is paid in, the better.   Using crowdfunder for club payments will help us raise funds, this can include paying for playing and social memberships, match fees, club tours in 2021 (if possible), club shirts, event tickets and even advance bar credit.


Come and join us.


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Bar Tokens

If you buy £100 of bar tokens from us you will get bar credit of £110 to spend through the year. So by our prices that's about ten free drinks

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