BBC2 Lifeswap - Raise Money For George's Beehives

BBC2 Lifeswap - Raise Money For George's Beehives

To raise money for George's beehives from BBC2's Lifeswap Adventures. He will use these bee-hives to provide a better life for his family.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

BBC2's Lifeswap Adventure is about a group of people coming together from across the world to experience life on the other side of the tracks.

In Episode 1 of their latest series, George travels from Malawi to learn about Western Culture and search for new farming practices that will allow him to better support his family back home.

Described in his own words, as 'a simple farmer', each year George toils the land in Malawi, growing the food that will support his family in harsh conditions, where the slightest decline in rainfall could lead to devastation and ruin.

During his travels, George comes across the concept of beefarming, which will revolutionise the way he uses his land. The effort required and the profits made means that keeping bees will change his family's life. As the hives don't require the rainfall, they are ideal for the arid climate. This means that their future will be secured and not subject to weather conditions.

Unfortunately, even though George tends his crops each year, it's rare that they grow enough to produce a surplus. This means that they have little additional money to spend each year beyond their own survival.

We're raising money to provide George the means to purchase his beehives. His entrepreneurial spirit is a credit and he deserves the opportunity to see his vision come to life.

To see George's story for yourself, head over to the BBC Iplayer to see the latest episode of Lifeswap Adventure -