Battle Against Big Pharma

by Isabella Cavaliere in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Battle Against Big Pharma
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by Isabella Cavaliere in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

The Pharmaceutical Industry is of unfathomable power.

It's yearly revenue far surpasses that of any other industry.

It influences political decisions, economic decisions and it dictates which treatments will or will not be researched, purposely covering up potential cures if they will not bring about a profit and cannot be patented; no matter how much benefit they could bring to the world.

This is an industry with no moral compass, it is capitalistic and centred around making money out of the lives of the public. We are made to believe that we will lead better lives by taking their drugs, when in reality, pharmaceutical drugs rarely cure or reverse disease, they simply mask symptoms and allow the illness to continue underneath the cloak of the drug. 

The cancer industry is the largest sector of the Pharmaceutical Industry and the mortality rate for chemotherapy drugs is 96%, yet so many people turn to it in hope they will overcome their disease, when doctors know full well this is unlikely to ever happen and there are far less aggressive alternative treatments that could be provided - and this is only a drop in the ocean when it comes to the extent we are manipulated!

My last position was working with data for Clinical Trials and what I uncovered was a case so disturbing and inhumane I feel that my story needs to finally be shared with the public.

The study involved 12'000 participants and was a Phase IV trial of the serotonergic drug 'lorcaserin', developed by Eisai Pharmaceuticals. The Guardian recently reported this drug to apparently be 'The Holy Grail of Weightloss Drugs', though from what I discovered, I beg to differ. No man of God would encourage a person to take this substance.

I left the company in July 2018 and I have had this case hanging over my head since then, unsure what to do about it. The company I worked for first tried to push me out of the company using highly unethical methods, which lead to a breakdown. Nevertheless, I returned to work after the breakdown and when I carried on making inquiries into the many discrepancies in the study data, they ignored all of my requests for more information and put me on a Garden Leave contract.

The Pharmaceutical Industry is also an industry I have massive personal grievances with, after seeing the deterioration of my Grandad, who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and put on a massive cocktail of drugs that would make a healthy person sick if they were to take them.

I have uncovered a lot about this industry over the years, with my investigations beginning during my Masters degree in Medicinal Chemistry with Pharmacology, and the positions within the healthcare sector I have held since leaving University, including a stint working for the NHS on a child vaccination project. 

I also have direct experience with the UK mental healthcare system for periods of depression and I have seen first hand how terribly organised it is, as well as unhelpful in terms of a true recovery. Throughout all of my experiences, I have become so passionate to make a real change to our failing and often unethical healthcare system and I sincerely hope that you will join the mission to spread greater awareness to the world by donating to my cause.

The area of mental health is of particular importance to me, but there are major issues throughout the entire industry and I want to raise awareness to the world about the things I have discovered, so that we can take real control of our lives and our health and shape the kind of future we want to create together.

Thank you for reading, all donations no matter how small are massively appreciated.

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