Battersea muddy dog challenge, 5km muddy run

by Sydney Moir in Eridge Green, East Sussex, England

Battersea muddy dog challenge, 5km muddy run

Sydney and I will run the 5km Battersea muddy dog challenege, trying to raise money for all the other beautiful rescue dogs @ Battersea.

by Sydney Moir in Eridge Green, East Sussex, England

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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Sydney herself is a rescue dog, as are a lot of her friends. Battersea dog and cat rescue works tirelessly to help care for helpless animals. Sydney and I are fundraising for Battersea, as we will be running the 5km Battersea Muddy Dog Challenge the end of September. This involves mud pits, ponds/lakes and agility obstacles. We will also wear purple to raise awareness about epilepsy, a medical condition I suffer from. Without Sydney I wouldn't leave the house, this brave 7.6kg dog runs to me when I have a seizure. This run is a big ask for a tiny dog, but I'm confident she wants to help all the animals in Battersea's care as much as I do. We will also wear a go pro, and will post a video after we are finished. 34 pounds will pay for one dog to stay in kennels for 24 hours, 300 pounds will pay for one dog to be re homed. Battersea has multiple events across the UK, so if everyone competing this year could raise just 134 pounds it would cover the cost of caring for all Battersea animal for 2 months. Sydney and I have done the math, and there's 12 months in a year, so we are aiming high. Look into Sydney's eyes, this little girl came to live with us when she was 4 months and already had 5 homes. 5, nobody wanted her. She could have been put down if it weren't for rescue centers like Battersea. There are so many dogs who are hungry, or just need someone to love them. Every dog deserves a forever home, and a soft bed.

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