Bathroom for Theo

Bathroom for Theo

Theo has genetic Hydrocephalus and epilepsy. Bath time is more dangerous as he gets bigger and needs a specially adapted bathroom.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Theo needs a specially adapted bathroom so he can bath and play in safety. He has global developmental delay and epilepsy due to his genetic Hydrocephalus. He cannot sit up, crawl or shuffle. He's getting heavier all the time and lifting him in and out of our regular bath is getting dangerous.

There are specialist providers of adapted bathrooms, this is what he needs in order to make bath time a safer time. A warm bath is fundamental therapy for him as it gives him the chance to splash and move his limbs in the water to help with his muscle tone issues. He has no core strength and time in the bath is a big part of his day to stimulate his senses.

We would love to provide him with a bathroom thats just his!