A (Bright) Green Vision for Bath & NE Somerset

Run an intensive positive campaign showing how electing Green councillors will make a difference for local social and environmental issues.

We did it!

On 30th Apr 2015 we successfully raised £1,015 of £600 target with 40 supporters in 35 days

New stretch target

With overfunding we can do a lot more campaigning - getting the materials (leaflets, posters, social media) we need to help our campaigners, supporters, and canvassers show just how positive and practical Green Party policies are for everyone.

Support Our Green Vision for Bath & N.E. Somerset

We need your help to run an intensive and positive campaign showing how Green councillors will make a difference for local social and environmental issues.

Bath and North East Somerset is undoubtedly a beautiful area but we know that it suffers dangerous pollution, inadequate transport, and amidst wealth there are areas of extreme poverty.

Our candidates are local people concerned about issues that affect all of us and our children.  The Green Party is the only party with a long term vision built on values and hope, not fear and greed.

You can see a list of candidates for your area at Local Elections - 7th May 2015

Our principle concerns are:

Quality of Life

  • Air Quality
  • Transport
  • Social care

Jobs & Prosperity

  • Social Justice
  • Safe affordable housing
  • Democracy - Local Power


  • Climate Change
  • Energy
  • Open Spaces


Why We Need Your Help

We are proud to be truly democratic, our members, not corporations and lobbyists, decide policy.

We will not increase our membership fees because we want to be affordable for everyone, our subscriptions cover our minimal administration costs with little left for campaigning – we rely entirely on donations for this.

The price of this integrity is that, unlike the other Parties, we don’t have major or corporate donors, we rely on our volunteers’ passion and hard work to get our message out.  In the 2010 General Election in Bath, the Liberal Democrats spent over £20,000 and the Conservatives over £30,000.


What Will We Use Your Donations For?

We need to demonstrate that the Green Party is about far more than just the environment.  Economic justice and sustainability are inextricably linked.  Supporting a strong local economy will help to reduce inequality and protect the world we live in.

  • £100 will let us produce one of a series of, targeted, short videos about our candidates - they're not career politicians, they're passionate local people 'just like you'
  • £250 will let us produce one of a series of mini campaigns to demonstrate specific policies, this will include infographics, posters, and leaflets.  Areas we will look at, in particular are:
    • NHS and healthcare
    • TTIP and Corporate Power
    • Austerity and the Growing Equality Gap
    • Tax Avoidance and Corporate Benefit 'scrounging'
    • Pollution and Congestion
    • Climate Change
    • Local Economy and Business

If we exceed our initial target we would look to also:

  • Hold one or two talks on key issues like the NHS and Climate Change
  • Produce a short video on our vision for a clean, unpolluted, pleasant, and prosperous Bath city centre and regional communities.



The Green Party is the natural home for people passionate about the environment and social justice and, whether they’re famous, seniors, women, or young, they have two things in common – they care and they want to make a difference



What's In It For You?

You'll be delighted to know that we're not going to promise you silly rewards for the sake of it because in that lies the madness of environmental degradation and wasteful consumption!

We will, however, offer, a few rewards, listed with the pledges, and a prize draw - some great, unique, items that we think you will really appreciate.  We'll announce the list later in the campaign.

Please note that you have two methods of pledging:

  • GoCardless (which takes money from your account as a single direct debit payment when the campaign is successfully funded and charges us a 0.5% fee), or
  • PayPal (which takes immediate payment and charges you a fee of 1.9% of the pledge + 20p)

We prefer that you use GoCardless as it is slightly more ethical, however we recognize that you may prefer PayPal.

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